Blog : Yankee Thermal Imaging Energy Audit Refund with Upgrades

By Katelyn | May 28, 2015 | in

Yankee Thermal Imaging works to provide homeowners and businesses with top of the line energy consultations to determine how they can increase their energy efficiency and save money. This summer, YTI is offering Green Alliance members an exclusive incentive for energy efficient upgrades to be implemented in their homes. YTI will conduct an energy audit at the normal price, which will then be refunded to the homeowner when they implement qualifying energy upgrades. In addition, YTI will help residents to access available rebates to help offset the cost of implementing the upgrades.

Heat loss and energy efficiency are major concerns for homeowners during the winter months. These issues are equally important to address in the summer months as well. An energy audit assesses the efficiency of a home and determines the levels of insulation, ventilation, and possible cracks or penetrations within the attic, basement areas and structure of the home. When cool or warm air escapes the home, not only are residents losing money, but they are also wasting energy and creating a larger carbon footprint.

YTI then develops an in depth energy analysis of their findings from the audit and recommends the best and most cost effective ways to stop energy loss. When the homeowner decides to implement the proposed measures suggested by their BPI Certified auditor, YTI works with the customer to help them receive possible rebates.

YTI is approved to work with all utility companies in the State of New Hampshire to administer the Home Performance with Energy Star Program, which disperses funds to qualifying customers interested in saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. YTI will always work hard to get a home qualified for this program, although it does take some customer action; YTI will guide the customer through this process. Homeowners are also able to include energy efficient upgrades as a tax write off, with the help of an accountant, to make up for some of the costs of the improvements.

To take advantage of this energy audit refund, you must be a Green Alliance member. Contact Yankee Thermal Imaging and schedule your appraisal before September 1. In conjunction with the discount offered by YTI, Aucella Heating & Cooling is offering Green Alliance members 50% off air conditioning unit maintenance ($69.50, normally $139.00). Click here for more information of this special with Aucella.

Green Alliance members receive $50 off a home energy audit or $150 off the Home Comfort Savings Plan with YTI (not to be combined with the $300.00 energy audit refund). Not a GA member? Become a member for $25 and join us for our Isles of Shoals cruise for free!