Blog : Stay Cool Throughout the Summer with Aucella Heating & Cooling

By Katelyn | May 27, 2015 | in

With the first hot days of the season behind us, we have gotten a taste of what this summer may bring. Residents throughout New England are beginning to think about cranking the AC to make their homes more comfortable during the summer. Most homeowners don't think twice about turning on the air conditioning when it gets hot; however, air conditioning units require yearly maintenance and should be frequently checked to ensure efficiency.

Regular maintenance keeps air conditioners running efficiently, reduces unnecessary energy use and extends the life span of the unit. This summer, Aucella Heating and Cooling is offering all Green Alliance members who are first time air conditioning customers 50% off their unit maintenance (originally $139.00) when scheduled before June 30. Aucella’s comprehensive checklist used to inspect air conditioning units ensures that the system is in compliance with manufacturers guarantees and is ready to be used throughout the summer.

At each maintenance inspection, Aucella thoroughly checks and cleans all aspects of the cooling unit including exterior compartments and electrical connections. Homeowners can expect Aucella to inspect interior drains and pumps, clean the system and make any minor repairs that are necessary.

While most homeowners don't check and maintain their air conditioning units each year, Aucella guarantees that the system is well maintained and working efficiently. Aside from regular unit maintenance, there are numerous ways to save energy and keep your home cool throughout the summer.

Aucella suggests keeping the shades closed on windows facing the sun to reduce the amount of heat entering a room and to use insulated window treatments to further block sunlight from heating up your house. At the same time, ceiling fans make a big difference in cooling down a room and can be used with air conditioning to make it more effective. Aucella also suggests venting the bathroom after showers and while cooking to reduce humidity build up which makes a home feel much warmer than it may be.

Regular air conditioning maintenance keeps units running more efficiently, reduces unnecessary energy use, and extends the life of the system. Stay cool during the summer with the help of Aucella Heating and Cooling and save 50% off the maintenance price (save $69.50, originally $139.00) when you schedule your air conditioning service before June 30.

In conjunction with the discount offered by Aucella, Yankee Thermal Imaging (YTI) has created a summer special to increase home energy efficiency. YTI is offering an incentive for customers to implement energy efficient upgrades by conducting an energy audit for the normal price of $300.00, which will be refunded when the homeowner has the upgrades done. In addition, YTI will work to qualify homeowners for any available rebates to help offset the cost of implementing upgrades.

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