Blog : Spray Foam Insulation Offers a Reputable Career

By Sam | May 4, 2015 | in

Mike Materkowski grew up in Amesbury, Mass. and has lived there for 25 years. He was given an opportunity to try his hand at insulation with Green Cocoon when his brother Jim started the company in 2006; this initial foray has led to a productive and fulfilling career installing spray foam insulation in homes across New England.

Spray foam insulation isn’t your average contractor’s job. It’s hot, sweaty, and takes precision. The installer must work quickly, as insulation is just one of a whole line of fundamental work that must be done before other aspects of construction can move forward.

Mike takes it all in stride.

“Sometimes we have roofers who come in thinking they can handle the heat, and they have a lot of respect for what I do after,” he laughs. “It’s a tough job, but very rewarding.”

Installing spray foam is a crucial element to building a house. Those who work with spray foam work in high heat and on a tight schedule, but knowing that a tightly sealed home can save families money is a motivating factor for employees.

Mike, who has worked with the Green Cocoon as a foam installer for nearly eight years, says the job is rewarding in more ways than one.

“There are a lot of companies out there who do this,” he adds, “but when I work for The Green Cocoon, I know I’m doing something good for someone’s home, and for the environment too. You won’t find people better than Jim and Candace too; their dedication to what they do inspires me to be great at my job.”

Candace Lord, General Manager of the Green Cocoon, works diligently to handle the large amount of requests her small business gets on a daily basis. Business is booming, and Lord says it’s because of The Green Cocoon’s passionate team.

“We take great pride in what we do, and we want to have people on our team who like what they do also,” she says. “That’s how the best work gets done. And, right now the insulation industry is really taking off which we believe is because home and property owners are becoming more and more educated about the environmental and financial benefits to insulating properly – so this is a real area of opportunity for the right kind of person in terms of building a career in the trades that is meaningful and well-paid.”

The Green Cocoon specializes in sustainable spray foam insulation by using vegetable oils, which reduces its petroleum content and contains less ozone-depleting chemicals. Not only does a home insulated with foam keep in heat for better efficiency, but The Green Cocoon’s foam uses natural ingredients, is safer and less toxic, and uses less resources. Mike is happy to be working for a small, passionate business, because it makes the work more enjoyable.

“Working with the Green Cocoon has been a great opportunity for me,” he says.
“I started out doing cellulose, then I was promoted to foam insulation, and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s fulfilling to know that it’s not an easy job, and I’m one of the ones capable of doing it.”

Lord says that the job offers competitive pay, but mostly, a chance to work in a rapidly growing industry with an honest company.

“This is a rapidly growing field, and we’re expanding extremely fast,” said Lord. “We’re looking to fill these jobs with good people, and want to get them working in the field with us as soon as we can.”

The Green Cocoon is seeking to expand their workforce. To apply to become a spray foam installer, click here.

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