Blog : New Hampshire the Beautiful: State Wide Community Pride and Roadside Cleanups

By Sam Lane | May 27, 2015 | in

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) and New Hampshire the Beautiful (NHtB) have joined forces to deter littering while promoting recycling programs through their continuous state-wide roadside cleanups.

This year, New Hampshire the Beautiful has given away 311 cases of Litter Free Blue Bags, the ones often seen along roadsides during spring clean ups. Each case holds 500 bags. With the help of 1,525 volunteers and DPW workers, the cleanups yielded 8,431 bags of trash and recyclables from over 545 miles of roadways within the state.

Some of the cleanups took place during Valley Pride Day, the annual litter cleanup in the Mount Washington Valley, which served as an opportunity to help remove large quantities of roadside litter throughout Carroll County. NHtB and NRRA's combined efforts during Valley Pride Day have gained recognition in other parts of the state as well as in Maine and even into Canada. This warm reception has led the NRRA and NHtB to ask the state for the first Saturday of May each year to be sanctioned as Community Pride and Litter Awareness Day. Through the charitable efforts of groups like New Hampshire the Beautiful the steps towards a litter free New Hampshire are well under way, the only question is what successes will come next?

For small towns, the biggest hindrance to a successful recycling program is the lack of startup money. NHtB has dedicated themselves to organizing efforts to pay for the startup costs to cover plastic bins, cardboard balers, glass crushers, storage containers, and just about anything else a town might need to start their recycling program. The organization will also design, build and install signs at transfer stations to help residents sort their recycling.

NHtB board member John Dumais has been involved with the organization nearly since its inception. For him, the satisfaction of knowing he made a difference and the gratitude of the towns he helped have kept him motivated for decades.

“When we go out to visit the towns we're helping, they are so enthusiastic about the work we’ve done, and the fact that every town is different, it's a great feeling," he said.

New Hampshire the Beautiful is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Charitable Trust supported by members of the NH Soft Drink Association, the Beverage Distributors of New Hampshire Association and the New Hampshire Grocers Association.

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