Blog : New Hampshire the Beautiful Lives Up to its Name

By Mike | May 20, 2015 | in

In 1983, a group of beverage companies and grocers joined forces to achieve a common goal: expand New Hampshire's clean up and recycling initiatives. Today that group is known as New Hampshire the Beautiful (NHtB). Continuing the mission they started so many years ago, NHtB organizes a variety of charitable efforts to help keep New Hampshire green. 

One such effort is through supporting the New Hampshire DOT's Sponsor a Highway Program. Established on April 1, 1994, the program allows volunteers from a variety of groups across the state to aid the DOT in highway clean up. Volunteers are asked to clean both sides of a two mile section of highway four times between April and November for two years. NHtB has been providing the DOT with blue clean up bags since 2007. To date, NHtB has donated over 280,000 bags to the DOT at a value over $28,000.

NHtB also donates their bags to a number of communities throughout New Hampshire, with over 565,000 bags donated across the state.

In addition, NHtB works extensively with the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA)' s School Education Program. Through the program, NHtB offers educational insight to schools across the nation while inspiring the next generation to make a difference. 

NHtB offers a unique alternative to expensive legislation. By offering municipal grants, anti-litter programs, and educational outreach, NHtB truly strives to make New Hampshrie beautiful.