Blog : Free injury prevention seminar at Integrated Fitness of Dover

By Sam Lane | May 27, 2015 | in

When considering what is needed to live an active and healthy lifestyle, one immediately falls back onto the ideas of intense workout regiments and daily calorie cutbacks, almost to the point where you’re leading an entirely different life.

Bouncing between the common issue of having a busy schedule, the time commitment and personal commitment of becoming fit and healthy can become too much to bear. However, changing your life can be as simple as becoming more mindful of your body’s needs and implementing small changes to your daily routine to avoid injury and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Integrated Fitness of Dover is a prime example of a fitness facility that encourages all around body health and wellness by providing guidance and structure to one’s daily life and diet. The staff at Integrated Fitness see diet and exercise as a personal investment used to promote sustainable living and whole body health and wellness. For Integrated Fitness, the goal is to help clients move in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle by creating a plan that works specifically for them. This involves natural weight loss through dietary and exercise changes tailored to their needs.

On June 6th, Integrated Fitness will offer an opportunity to learn more about the prevention and treatment of back injuries. Dr. Carrie Jose, a physical therapist and Pilates instructor based out of downtown Portsmouth, will host an educational session on signs to be aware of to prevent back injuries. She will focus on the simple changes in everyday habits that can be made to reduce your risk for back pain or injury, and self-treatment techniques for lower back pain. The session will begin at 9:00 a.m. in Studio B at Integrated Fitness of Dover and is free and open to the public.

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