Blog : Adopt a Beach

By John | May 5, 2015 | in

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to inspiring people to help conserve the marine environment from pollution. Founded by whale watch naturalists Jen Kennedy and Dianna Schulte, Blue Ocean also seeks to protect marine mammals and document important whale habitat and threats to whales.

As way to reduce marine pollution, Blue Ocean maintains their Adopt-a-Beach program, a volunteer initiative which involves a group of people selecting a particular beach at which to go and clean once a month, by picking up trash. Available beaches can be found throughout New Hampshire and into Massachusetts and Maine.

Joining Adopt-a-Beach is an excellent opportunity to go out and make an immediate difference on the health of the marine environment. The monthly commitment will be 1-2 hours per month and Blue Ocean will provide all supplies necessary for cleanups.

Apply for Adopt-a-Beach here.