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All Politics are Local

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 29, 2015 | in

Josh Denton is a guest blogger who is very active in environmental activism in Portsmouth as well as a member of the Green Alliance.

All politics are local. The environment, climate change, and America’s energy independence are not just big intangible ideas for only state, federal, and foreign governments to address. Portsmouth’s City Council can contribute by enacting the single-use, carry-out, plastic bag ordinance.

Harm to marine life, or the greenhouse gas emitted for a plastic shopping bags’ single use, is why many support the ordinance. I advocate for it because our reliance on the fossil fuels that these convenience items derive from continually sends our service members into combat. An Iraqi infantry battalion combat advisor teammate of mine eight years ago, is back at the same Iraqi base today, doing almost the same exact thing. Part of breaking this cycle of oil dependence and war is Americans consciously and collectively using less single-use plastics.

Last Chance to Join the GA for $20 During the Month of April

By Katelyn | Apr 29, 2015 | in

To celebrate the beginning of warmer months and the end of a very long winter, the Green Alliance is offering a reduced membership for new members to join to GA and start the spring season off right! The end of April is coming up on us quick and this is the last week to  join the Green Alliance for only $20 (save $15 off the normal membership) and enjoy a year of discounts with 100+ local green businesses.

A membership with the Green Alliance gives you discounts with local sustainable businesses, access to member exclusive events, such as holiday parties and summer sails on the Gundalow, and is the perfect way to show your dedication to working with local and green businesses. 

On top of the exclusive discounts GA members receive throughout the year, several Business Partners are offering additional specials during the month of April to jump start the season. Click here to see how you can get ready for warmer weather and score a great deal at the same time.

Click here to join the Green Alliance today for only $20!

Welcoming New Hampshire the Beautiful

By Sam | Apr 29, 2015 | in

We’re pleased to announce that New Hampshire the Beautiful is our newest Business Partner!

For decades, NHtB has committed themselves to making New Hampshire a cleaner, more recycle-friendly state. Comprised of local grocers and bottling companies, the organization formed in order to take more responsibility for the disposal of the products they created. Soon, they were producing plastic recycling bins for towns to give out to their residents. Then, they were buying cardboard balers, and then glass crushers, and so on, helping towns one by one establish better recycling programs.

There was another problem: litter. Their solution? Clean it! NHtB’s “Blue Bag” program produces trash bags intended for highway and roadside litter cleanup.

Green Collar Careers: Progressive Asset Management Investment Adviser Mike Smith

By Ken | Apr 29, 2015 | in

By Ken Johnson

Robert F. Kennedy once said that, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better." These words ring true at Progressive Asset Management Group (PAM Group) the socially responsible investment division of Financial West Group, a company working to make a difference through socially responsible investing. For many, the idea of being sustainable is limited to recycling, using biofuel for home heating, buying an eco-friendly vehicle and participating in environmental events, like neighborhood clean-ups. But few people know that they can also go green by making their investments (IRAs, individual accounts, 401Ks etc.), socially and environmentally responsible as well through a firm like the PAM Group.

One of the PAM Group's core beliefs is that companies which don't follow socially and environmentally responsible practices have a greater overall potential for liabilities and hidden costs which are eventually passed on to their investors. But companies which manage pollution, which have an eye towards being energy efficient, which treat their employees well, are better managed than those which don’t address these factors. And better managed companies in turn tend to outperform.

Yankee Thermal Imaging Helps Rescue Dogs While Reducing Energy Expenses

By Ken | Apr 29, 2015 | in

What if it was possible to reduce your carbon footprint, save money every year, and help rescue dogs, all in one action? With Yankee Thermal Imaging's Instant Savings Program, you can. Enrolling in the Instant Savings Program gets you a full energy audit of your home, to help locate energy loss and improve your home's efficiency, from a certified energy efficiency auditor, along with a detailed report on where a home is losing energy dollars and how you can fix the problem.

In addition, right now Yankee Thermal Imaging will take $75 from the cost of the Instant Savings Program, match the money to $150 and donate it to Almost Home Rescue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit canine rescue group working to “rescue for life” stray, abandoned, and surrendered dogs in Arkansas and Mississippi and find them new homes in New England. In its ten years of operation, Almost Home Rescue has rescued over 3,500 dogs.

Local Brewery Offers Unique Venue and One-of-a-kind Events

By Ken | Apr 29, 2015 | in

By Mark Quirk

Spring marks the beginning of wedding and festival season, and the Seacoast is replete with different locations for newly joined couples to host their reception on "the big day," The region also offers concert-goers spectacular outdoor venues. But one Portsmouth location promises event guests they won't run out of beer or food: Redhook Brewery.

Located at Pease International Tradeport, Redhook's function facilities offer space, food and drinks for wedding receptions and different events all year long. Whether it be for a reception, rehearsal, trade show or concert, Redhook meets the demands of its guests. It's a different take on the more traditional rental hall that has proven successful.

“It's pretty popular,” said Ryan Fleming, the banquet manager at Redhook. “I think it's a really unique venue to have an event.”

Earth Day Party and Cleanup Changed Pease Tradeport for the Better

By Katelyn | Apr 28, 2015 | in

Last Thursday, Redhook Brewery organized a cleanup of the Pease Tradeport grounds to celebrate the true meaning of Earth Day: beautifying our planet for future generations to enjoy. Redhook worked with the Hodgson Brook Association to collect trash from the brook, which travels through the Tradeport and is listed as an impaired waterway.

The Hodgson Brook Watershed includes 2,135 acres in Portsmouth, and the brook itself is seven miles long and collects stormwater from 20% of Portsmouth. The Hodgson Brook has become increasingly polluted over the last several years due to stormwater runoff that picks up fertilizers, oil, and trash as it makes its way to storm drains which empty into the brook. The Hodgson Brook Restoration Project aims to improve the quality of the brook through community outreach and education, monitoring pollutant levels, and cleanups to reduce visible pollution around the waterway.

On Earth Day, Redhook employees, employees from Lonza and Newmarket Inc., and individual volunteers spread out around the Tradeport and collected trash littered around the Hodgson Brook. Volunteers picked up nearly 150 bags of trash plus over a pound and a half of cigarette butts alone. Cigarette butts are a common sight around the brook because people often believe they are made of paper and biodegradable; however, cigarettes butts contain plastic and fiberglass and have a five year lifespan before they begin to degrade.

Green Alliance Seeking Senior Editor

By Sam | Apr 28, 2015 | in


The purpose of the Senior Editor is to edit freelance and staff stories, and write journalistic stories, for our Business Partners (BPs). As Senior Editor, you will be responsible for generating compelling, accurate, and engaging copy (typically in the range of 300-1200 words) for a variety of outlets, including online blogs, newspapers, magazines, and social media. Additionally, the Senior Editor will be tasked with myriad other responsibilities, jobs, and tasks relating to broadening both of the Green Alliance and its partnering businesses – social media, email marketing campaigns, sustainability evaluations, developing contacts with members of the local media, overseeing and editing copy from freelance writers, maintaining and editing the website, and more.


We do not write press releases. Rather, we produce publish-ready stories that mimic in both quality and approach the style and focus of the publications themselves – newspapers, magazines, online journals, blogs, and the like. As Senior Editor, you will be working closely with the Director, Assistant Director, Director of Media and Community and Member Manager, interns, freelance writers, and over 100 business owners, each of whom possesses their own unique personality, demands, and expectations.


Climb to the Clouds with the Mt. Washington Cog Railway

By Corey | Apr 28, 2015 | in

Ride the world's first mountain climbing train to the top of Mt. Washington - the highest peak in New England. Join New Hampshire Public Television for a special celebration on the Mt. Washington Cog Railway on May 16. Those attending this event will receive the opportunity to take a ride on the iconic Cog Railway, have dinner at the Mt. Washington Resort, and attend a screening premiere of NHPTV's new documentary, "The Mt. Washington Cog Railway: Climbing to the Clouds". 

The Mt. Washington Cog Railway has managed to stay in private ownership and in operation consistently for over 144 impressive years. This Cog has been through the Great Depression, the Hurricane of '38, and the challenge of technology to become one of New Hampshire's most successful historical attractions. In 1868, the Cog was referred to as "one of the greatest wonders of all time" by the Boston Transcript at its inauguration. 

This railway is the perfect combination of historic and innovative. In addition to it being the first mountain climbing cog railway in the world, it now has solar-powered track switches and advanced Parker IQAN on-board computer packages. Complete with vintage steam engines and replica coaches, as well as biodiesel locomotives, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway is considered a "must do" attraction while visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

Jeff Hiatt: A Bottom Line Approach to Sustainability

By Corey | Apr 28, 2015 | in

By Michael McCord

For Jeff Hiatt, environmental stewardship is as simple as helping businesses, both big and small, stabilize their energy expenses.

Since 1995, Hiatt, founder of Performance Business Solutions in Hampton Falls, estimates he has helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars through the firm’s multi-phase consulting approach. His time-tested analysis formula matches rigorous expense reviews and energy efficiency programs that can add to a company’s bottom line.

“I enjoy the dual positive of making an impact on the environment and the economy,” Hiatt said. “By implementing green solutions and green tools, my clients will use less energy and that helps their bottom line. It helps sustain the future of the company.”

New Hampshire is not the most robust state for green energy projects, especially when compared to its neighbors. Hiatt said New Hampshire's solar programs leave little to be desired with fewer tax incentives.

Racing for a Cure

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 28, 2015 | in

The Green Alliance team is lacing up their sneakers and getting ready to run in the 4th Annual Komen NH Race for the Cure. The Green Alliance is a proud sponsor of the race and has created a team to further support Susan G. Komen. Green Alliance members are encouraged to join the team and will receive a free t-shirt to wear on race day. To join the team, click here and register by searching "Green Alliance" under team names. Once you've registered, contact Sarah at to let her know you've signed up.

For the last three years, the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure in New Hampshire has had a strong run as one of the largest events to bring awareness to survivors and those suffering from breast cancer. With the race returning for a fourth year, there’s no end in sight for its continued success.

The Vermont-New Hampshire Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen organization will hold its fourth annual race on May 9th at the Strawberry Banke Museum on 14 Hancock Street in Portsmouth, N.H. at 9 a.m. To date, the Komen organization’s national race days have become some of the largest and most successful fundraising events for breast cancer around the world.

Meet a Green Business: Proulx Oil and Propane featured in news article

By John | Apr 27, 2015 | in

What: In the last year, Proulx Oil & Propane has acquired another heating company and expanded service into central southern New Hampshire from its headquarters in Newmarket, furthering the growth of BioHeat in the region.

It's not an unfathomable feat for a company that is considered a leader in biofuels and its green sister company, Proulx AutoGas. Proulx Oil & Propane is a successful home heating company that specializes in BioHeat, a renewable-based alternative to standard No. 2 home heating oil, and cleaner burning propane and natural gas, all products that help home owners reduce carbon emissions.

When Joe Proulx founded the company in 1944, the impetus was a changing of the energy guard: from the soot and smoke of coal to something more efficient. Eventually, the next generation of the Proulx family brought propane gas into the company fold, cementing its reputation as a forward-thinking and environmentally minded company. Today, Proulx, still a family-run company, remains a leader in sustainable initiatives and efficient home heating. Some of Proulx’s latest progressive offerings include the Heat Force additive, which helps fuels to burn cleaner, and a transition to paperless billing for all of their fuel customers.

Windows to the Wild 10th Anniversary and 80th Birthday Celebration

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 27, 2015 | in

NHPTV presents a celebration of 10 Wild Years! We're celebrating 10 seasons of Windows to the Wild and the 80th birthday of its host, Willem Lange. The party includes dinner, a special screening of highlights from Windows to the Wild shows, and of course, Will Lange himself!

On Saturday, May 30th, beginning at 5:00p.m. there will be a reception (cash bar), at 6:00pm a Family-style dinner and at 7:15p.m. there is a screening and party.

On Sunday, May 31st, there will be a breakfast beginning at 8:00a.m. with Will, followed by AMC-led hike of Ammonoosuc Lake and Red Bench Trail with Will (space is limited).

Integrated Fitness

By John | Apr 27, 2015 | in

Time to get geared up for a day of compassion and competition! Integrated Fitness, of Dover, New Hampshire, is an excellent health club dedicated to helping people exercise efficiently and live nutritious, healthy lifestyles. But while they are focused on physical health, they also want to improve emotional health. On Saturday, May 9th, Integrated Fitness will host its first ever Day of Fitness, a charity event for Suicide Awareness.

Beginning at 9 AM, the Day of Fitness will consist of several athletic events, including a deadlift competition, a pushup competition, a plank competition, and a one mile run, with prizes given to the winners in each event. In between the competitions, everyone will enjoy appearances by public speakers, raffle prizes, and free chair massages.

Jon Arnold, director of Integrated Fitness, seeks to raise awareness of both the dangers of suicide and the means to prevent it, having suffered a loss from suicide earlier in his life. Now, as the leader of Integrated Fitness, this health and fitness advocate works to improve peoples’ physical health, which encourages emotional well-being at the same time. He and his staff of personal trainers lead comprehensive and rigorous classes to make sure their customers stay healthy.

The NHPTV Spring Auction

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 27, 2015 | in

The NHPTV Spring Auction is watched live via broadcast and is streamed live online, promoting your products nationally and even internationally!

The NHPTV Spring Auction is live nightly at 6:00p.m. from April 22nd to April 25th and April 29th to May 2nd. It is on NHPTV Prime and always online here.

There are several auction sponsors already signed up, such as Parcel Room, Reeds Ferry Sheds, Lindt & Sprungli (USA) Inc., D.F. Richard Energy, EnviroVantage, Federal Savings Bank and more! By becoming a sponsor, you have the opportunity to receive on-air credits throughout each night that your company sponsors.

Co-brand your organization’s name and reputation with that of NHPTV and PBS, America’s most trusted institution (Roper Public Affairs & Media Poll). Our audience is loyal, high-earning, and highly educated. And our Auction bidders and supporters are more likely to purchase from Auction donors and sponsors. Your employees can show their spirit and your business’s commitment to a vital community resource; up to five of your employees can volunteer per shift.