Blog : Welcoming New Hampshire the Beautiful

By Sam | Apr 29, 2015 | in

We’re pleased to announce that New Hampshire the Beautiful is our newest Business Partner!

For decades, NHtB has committed themselves to making New Hampshire a cleaner, more recycle-friendly state. Comprised of local grocers and bottling companies, the organization formed in order to take more responsibility for the disposal of the products they created. Soon, they were producing plastic recycling bins for towns to give out to their residents. Then, they were buying cardboard balers, and then glass crushers, and so on, helping towns one by one establish better recycling programs.

There was another problem: litter. Their solution? Clean it! NHtB’s “Blue Bag” program produces trash bags intended for highway and roadside litter cleanup.

New Hampshire the Beautiful has spent millions of dollars on recycling and litter cleanup initiatives, and now they plan to focus on education initiatives. Since their partnership with the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), they have gone on to organize networking meetings with towns, established greater outreach to schools, and brought even more Blue Bags to towns in New Hampshire.

Stay tuned for more stories and information about New Hampshire the Beautiful!