Blog : A Special Thanks from Two Green Alliance Sustaining Members

By Corey | Apr 30, 2015 | in

The following letter is from two Green Alliance Sustaining Members who have participated in the Party for the Planet Earth Day Clean-up and Celebration. The Luchsingers have been incredibly connected with the Green Alliance and have greatly supported events like these that get the community involved with the environment. Members like the Luchsingers help the Green Alliance provide the level of support needed to add more green businesses of diverse industries into our community. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member. 

Dear Sarah,
      “Thank you” to you and your staff for an amazing Earth Day celebration at Red Hook Brewery. Although it’s a shame there is litter on our planet, we felt so good joining in with others at Pease Tradeport to make a difference by cleaning up. Not only did we enjoy meeting so many other “keep-our-planet”- minded folks at the event, but our bonus was winning two of the raffles! Since we are Sustaining Members, we passed along the one-year membership to a colleague, and the tickets to the Wild and Scenic Film Festival we enjoyed ourselves – amazingly wonderful way to learn more and get further educated/motivated/encouraged to always be “GREEN” in all we do here in our community.
       Thank you, again! We are so happy to be a part of Green Alliance!
Our best, Debbie and David Luchsinger

The missions of the Green Alliance are to increase the profits of sustainable businesses and to educate and influence the public to choose goods and services with the least environmental impacts. The Green Alliance is able to accomplish these missions with the help of our membership holders. Sustaining Members receive lifetime membership in the Green Alliance and enjoy the discounts without ever renewing. Becoming a Sustaining Member of the Green Alliance is $150 and comes with even more benefits than the general membership, in addition to being a supporter of sustainable businesses. To learn more about becoming a Sustaining Member, click here!