Blog : Site Structures Landscape: Now Offering Spring Clean-ups

By John | Apr 29, 2015 | in

A pretty lawn is something nice, but a sustainable lawn is something precious. That's why Site Structures Landscape, Inc. is committed to providing eco-friendly lawn care as part of their Spring Clean-Up service. According to the Kittery-based landscaping company, a sustainable lawn is one which requires less maintenance and reduces its environmental impact. Now that spring has finally arrived, it is time to clean and prepare the yard. Proper lawn care requires a lot of time, care and dedication from the homeowner, but Site Structures takes on the task without complaint. Whether it is raking and mowing or adding new stone pavers, Seacoast residents turn to Side Structures for their outdoor rehab projects. Other services include mulching and edge planting, as well as shrub and planting bed maintenance. Their hardscaping services (stone, pavement, and brick) include installations, water and irradiation features, and low-voltage lighting.

Site Structures strives to incorporate sustainability into both their landscaping and hardscaping as they believe that it is their responsibility to be environmentally-focused in the communities where they work. Site Structures makes an effort to be green in their service, as well as in their methods: their trucks and equipment are fueled by biodiesel and they buy from local vendors whenever possible. Debris from their work is always recycled, whether it is organic or from construction materials. Along with offering chemical-free alternatives in lawn care and garden maintenance, Site Structures also optimizes their routes to reduce travel time and carbon emissions.

In addition to providing sustainable services, Site Structures likes to share sustainability information with its customers. During site visits, the crew informs customers about the potential risks of using traditional lawn care chemicals, which can pollute water sources, damage lawns, and cause adverse health effects to both people and pets. Site Structures crews also educate customers about the important roles properly cared-for grass plays in a property's ecosystem; like helping in the photosynthesis process and its roots acting as anchors for soil and other plant life. The soil must also be absorbent enough to collect water and rich enough to provide the grass with nutrients. In order to ensure the health of the grass, Site Structures will perform a soil test and enhance the existing soil conditions, should it be required.

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