Blog : Redhook /Green Alliance Party for the Planet; Earth Day Cleanup and Celebration with Special Guest Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 13, 2015 | in

By Katelyn Monroe

PORTSMOUTH - Redhook and the Green Alliance, celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, with a drop-in clean-up and a party, featuring special guest Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and The event is open to the public and guests enjoy live music and complimentary eats. $2 from every beer purchased goes to the local environmental non-profit Hodgson Brook Association. Free ice cream compliments of Ben & Jerry’s!

The event brings together sustainable business leaders, green-minded residents and Ben & Jerry’s fans. The Party for the Planet is 6- 9pm at Redhook in Portsmouth with a $5 entry also going to Hodgson Brook. All are invited but GA members get in free and clean-up participants get free raffle tickets for every bag of trash collected. The triumvirate between the Green Alliance, Redhook and Ben & Jerry’s is a match made in environmental heaven; not only is Redhook a staple on the seacoast's craft brewing scene, but also a leader in sustainable business practices.

“This is where the collaboration really becomes powerful,” says GA Director Sarah Brown. “A business like Redhook is ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability and is thrilled to be hosting green business leader, citizens and Ben Cohen. We want folks to connect the dots between responsible business practices and protecting the environment; all three of our organizations share these values.”

“In order to create a sustainable future, we need to put a stop to pay-to-play culture. Progressive green business leaders are part of that,” ads Ben Cohen. “Too often, big oil and special interests use campaign contributions and lobbying muscle to block common-sense pro-sustainability legislation. I’m excited to work with the GA community to help stamp big money out of politics.”

Redhook has an extensive facility-wide recycling and composting program, reuses water from the brewing process, and sends spent grains to local farmers. Early in 2015 they began purchasing wind energy credits and recently installed an electric car charging station, high-efficiency lights, motion sensors and EnergyStar appliances.

Tietjen Hynes is head of Redhook's Sustainability Committee, and Operations Project Engineer and has coordinated a cleanup for Pease Tradeport, home to a growing number of environmentally-minded companies. Set up as a corporate participatory Earth Day activity, a number of companies on the Tradeport have already committed employees to the cleanup.

“Lots of Pease companies are participating; many of our neighbors are stepping to the plate. We also welcome individuals and have had some smaller green-minded businesses like Aucella commit to both the clean-up and the party,” says Hynes.

Founded by former Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day was created to publicize the environmental issues of the time. The original focus was to raise awareness around air quality and water pollution. Public awareness is why Hynes felt it important to host a cleanup event in addition to a
party. With the help of other Pease Tradeport businesses, Hynes organized the Earth Day cleanup to focus on Tradeport grounds and nearby Hodgson Brook.

“Hodgson Brook not only runs along the Redhook property, but also throughout the Tradeport
and is listed as an impaired waterway,” said Hynes. “Land use and urbanization have degraded the freshwater stream, altered the natural makeup of the brook, and created serious pollution problems. We hope to improve the condition of the brook by reducing the amount of litter.”

The Green Alliance represents over 100 green-certified Business Partners and 4,000 community members, working to increase the profits of companies that have the least impact on the environment. Encouraging more sustainable business practices and educating the public about sustainable goods and services, is the Green Alliance's central focus. Redhook Brewery has been a green-certified Business Partner with the GA since 2011.

The drop-in Earth Day clean-up runs from 3-6pm. Participants meet at Redhook to get their collection bags and location, and are urged to pick up as much trash as possible. One ticket for every bag filled will be given to cleanup participants for the Party for the Planet raffle. While Redhook and the Green Alliance encourage folks to participate in both the clean-up and the after party they are also separate events and visitors are welcome at either or both.

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