Blog : Party for the Planet: Redhook Brewery and the Green Alliance to Host Earth Day Celebration

By Katelyn | Apr 1, 2015 | in

PORTSMOUTH - Two seacoast businesses, Redhook Brewery and the Green Alliance, are coming together to celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, at the Redhook Brewery located at 1 Redhook Way at the Pease International Tradeport. Guests will enjoy an evening of live music from local seacoast band, Humble Bee, and a selection of raffle prizes. Redhook will provide complementary all natural and local foods from their kitchen at the Cataqua Public House restaurant and a cash bar featuring their sustainable brews. $2 from every beer purchased will be donated to the Hodgson Brook Association. 

The Party for the Planet will take place from 6 - 9:00 p.m. with a $5 admission. However, Green Alliance members receive free admission to the party. Those who wish to attend the party, but are not members, can join today to get in for free and receive discounts at local green businesses, and exclusive stepped up discounts offered to members during the month of April. Members planning to attend the party should RSVP by email to

Not only is Redhook a staple in the seacoast's craft brewing scene, and nationally, but the brewery also surges ahead of the competition in terms of environmental practices among craft breweries. Redhook has instituted an extensive facility-wide recycling and composting program, reuses water from the brewing process for cleaning and sends spent grains to local farmers for animal feed. Starting this year, Redhook purchases wind energy credits for every kWh used in the production facility and restaurant. Throughout the facility, Redhook has taken countless small steps to reduce their energy consumption such as installing high-efficiency light bulbs, implementing motion sensor lighting and using EnergyStar appliances. It is part of the facility's effort offset their carbon footprint and is led by the head of Redhook's Sustainability Committee, and Operations Project Engineer, Tietjen Hynes.

In addition to the party, Hynes has coordinated a cleanup event of Redhook's location at the Pease Tradeport that embraces the true meaning of Earth Day.

Founded by former US Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970, Earth Day was created to publicize the environmental issues of the time. The original focus was to raise awareness of air quality and water pollution by protesting the offending companies causing the environmental degradation, and cleaning the affected areas. Earth Day is now celebrated annually on April 22 in countries around the globe, thanks to coordination by the Earth Day Network, a nonprofit organization promoting environmental action throughout the year.

Public awareness is why Hynes felt it was important to host a cleanup event this year. With the help of other Pease Tradeport businesses, Hynes organized the Earth Day cleanup event to focus on the Tradeport grounds and nearby Hodgson Brook.

“Hodgson Brook not only runs along the Redhook property, but also throughout the Tradeport and is listed as an impaired waterway,” said Hynes.

Land use and urbanization have degraded the freshwater stream, altered the natural makeup of the brook and created serious pollution problems. The Hodgson Brook Watershed spans 2,135 acres in Portsmouth and the brook itself, which is often hidden from view, is visible at many places throughout the Tradeport.

Hynes has her fingers crossed for favorable weather on Earth Day to ensure a good turn out and to have as great of an impact as possible in cleaning up Hodgson Brook and the Pease Tradeport grounds. She hopes that Redhook, along with other participating businesses and individuals, will improve the condition of the brook by reducing the amount of liter to make it a healthier waterway and a more visually appealing sight in the Tradeport.

Like Redhook, many other companies located at the Tradeport have incorporated sustainability committees as part of their business model. Lonza, the leading manufacturing supplier in the life science market, along with Poly Recovery, a sustainable recycling facility at Pease, will have employees participating in the cleanup. Green Alliance Business Partner, Aucella Heating and Cooling, an eco-friendly HVAC business, will also take part.

The Green Alliance is an organization with upward of 100 Business Partners working to increase the profits of companies, large and small, that have the least impact on the environment. Encouraging more sustainable business practices and educating the public about sustainable goods and services, is part of the Green Alliance's central focus. Redhook Brewery has been a Business Partner with the Green Alliance since 2010, and over the years the two businesses have worked to grow awareness about Redhook's sustainability initiatives.

Sarah Brown, Director of the Green Alliance, is excited to be partnering with Redhook once again, to not only host a party, but also to come together for Earth Day to help beautify Portsmouth. “I work with Redhook throughout the year, but always look forward to special events where we are able to come together and do something different than usual. Redhook is constantly coming up with new ways to be more sustainable and to give back to the community, whether it be their EV charging station or donating to local charities, and that is why we have greatly enjoyed working with them since Redhook became a Business Partner.”

The Earth Day clean up event will take place from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Tradeport, and although it will be run by the Tradeport businesses, the public is encouraged to attend. Participants will meet at the Redhook facility to receive their collection bag and location, and are urged to pick up as much trash as possible. One ticket for every bag filled will be given to cleanup participants for the Party for the Planet raffle. Participants are encouraged to stop by during any part of the cleanup, whether it is before heading to the Party for the Planet, or on the way home from work, to help clean the Hodgson Brook and surrounding area.

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