Blog : Integrated Fitness' Free Running Class with Frank

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 13, 2015 | in

For runners and triathletes who want to bulletproof their bodies, improve efficiency, and get faster through specific strength, drills, and structural fitness...and also for anyone who loves free stuff!

Join Frank from Integrated Fitness of Dover for a free class on Thursday, April 16th at 5:00 p.m. It is located at Integrated Fitness of Dover, 42K Dover Point Road, Dover, NH. This is part of a 12 week indoor program that is focused on making clients a more resilient, balanced, and stronger runner while complementing their existing endurance training. Each class will have a mix of running-specific strength work, balance work, running drills, and core work to set you up for your best season of training and racing yet!

The main mission of Integrated Fitness is to provide a comfortable atmosphere to help new clients get started (about two thirds of the business) or help more advanced people take their fitness and nutrition regimen to the next level.

Part of the success of Integrated Fitness comes from strict, one-on-one sessions and classes that challenge Integrated Fitness' clients to change their habits and concentrate on their body's health. Some group programs include strength training (body building and power lifting), Zumba, kick boxing, boot camp, all at drop in rates so clients are able to create and experience a varied workout.

Integrated Fitness is a generally new business partner of the Green Alliance. The Green Alliance works hard to increase the profits of businesses that are having the least impact on the environment and to encourage more sustainable business practices. They work to educate and influence the public to consider the goods and services they attend to in their community, as well as make sustainable choices in each aspect of their lives. As part of the Green Alliance, IF inspire to help their clients maintain a natural, healthy lifestyle. They encourage making sustainable life choices in every aspect of their lives with a suitable diet and active lifestyle.

Green Alliance members receive 10% off when you sign up for the Weight Loss Challenge and save $23 on the Weight Loss Challenge program with your Green Alliance member card. Not a member? Join here