Blog : Green Maids Savings This Month

By Sarah Mahoney | Apr 8, 2015 | in

Of all the associations with spring, "cleaning" is one of the most prominent. It's time to open the windows and fill your house with freshness again. But with all this dog playing and fly catching you have going on, who has time? Why not let Green Maids clean your house with all natural, toxin-free cleaning products, and a reputable staff. The Green Maids are now offering 25% off a full house clean in the month of April. All Green Alliance members are welcome to this great discount and it is valid only on a full house clean, and for first-time Green Maids customers.

Green Maids is a residential and commercial green cleaning company that services Southern Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast. Green Maids’ goal is to provide a superior clean and excellent customer service while using today’s most eco-friendly products and methods. All the products they use are guaranteed to be all-natural, biodegradable, earth friendly, non-toxic and safe for your home or office.

The Green Maids work closely with the Green Alliance to ensure that they are keeping sustainability initiatives in mind. They use all green, natural products that are safe for the home and family. They proudly use products that are EPA or Green Seal certified, and all of their paperwork is done on recycled paper. 

Also during the entire month of April, you can join the Green Alliance for just $20! Click here to join at the discounted rate.