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By Sam | Apr 28, 2015 | in


The purpose of the Senior Editor is to edit freelance and staff stories, and write journalistic stories, for our Business Partners (BPs). As Senior Editor, you will be responsible for generating compelling, accurate, and engaging copy (typically in the range of 300-1200 words) for a variety of outlets, including online blogs, newspapers, magazines, and social media. Additionally, the Senior Editor will be tasked with myriad other responsibilities, jobs, and tasks relating to broadening both of the Green Alliance and its partnering businesses – social media, email marketing campaigns, sustainability evaluations, developing contacts with members of the local media, overseeing and editing copy from freelance writers, maintaining and editing the website, and more.


We do not write press releases. Rather, we produce publish-ready stories that mimic in both quality and approach the style and focus of the publications themselves – newspapers, magazines, online journals, blogs, and the like. As Senior Editor, you will be working closely with the Director, Assistant Director, Director of Media and Community and Member Manager, interns, freelance writers, and over 100 business owners, each of whom possesses their own unique personality, demands, and expectations.



A background in journalism or a related field is preferred, but not required. We are looking for an outgoing, energetic, and optimistic individual who both works well independently and thrives in a team environment. The ideal candidate will also understand the realities of working for a growing small business powered by a little budget and a whole lot of entrepreneurial spirit. Being able to work quickly, multi-task, change gears at the flip of a hat, and ability to produce timely content are all musts. Specifically, we’re looking for writers who know how to strike the delicate balance between journalistic standards of accuracy, engaging storytelling, and Business Partner promotion. A passion for the environment and social responsibility are also a must. This is not a “punch-the-clock” position but rather, the ideal candidate will be self-motivated to go the extra mile.


The Green Alliance is a growing community of over 100 green businesses and thousands of eco-conscious consumers connecting to build a sustainable local economy. We authenticate local green businesses through a rigorous sustainability certification process that makes the Green Alliance a trusted brand among consumers. We promote our Partnering Businesses via a mix of guerilla and traditional and online marketing, PR, and our popular Green Alliance membership program.


To be considered for the position, candidates should possess the following skills:



Write media-ready narrative news stories
Edit multiple freelance and intern writing for different media-ready
Able to communicate edits effectively with writer
Work under tight deadlines efficiently without sacrificing quality
Take clear and thorough notes during client meetings
Pitch story ideas to Director of Media and Director
Assign stories and deadlines to writers
Help ensure 90% existing BP renewal by executing all aspects of the GA program
Assist in seeking out new BPs


Is familiar with Associated Press (AP) Style
Communicates effectively with staff, BPs, media contacts and public
Comfortable interviewing over the phone and in-person
Is able to meet long-term and quick deadlines
Can switch writing styles between narrative journalism, blogging and social media
Has a good sense of humor
Complete stories quickly and effectively, without sacrificing quality
Writes creatively for print and online applications, in a way that gets noticed
Is knowledgeable about sustainability
Familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Social media savvy, particularly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and ancillary applications such as Hoot Suite, TweetDeck
Comfortable with Drupal, WordPress, and other content management systems


Graphic design/photo editing skills (Photoshop, Illustrator)
Experience with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or a similar email marketing service
Baseline graphic design and photo-editing skills (cropping, sizing, screenshots, combining images, altering formats, etc.)
Basic HTML knowledge
Experience with demographics research and digital advertisement

Two writing samples and a cover letter must be submitted for consideration for this position. Please include the two writing samples at the bottom of the cover letter. Applications will not be considered unless submitted through JobScore.