Blog : Colonial Stoneworks Brings Sustainability to Stonework in New Hampshire

By Katelyn | Apr 30, 2015 | in

After the long winter that New Englanders have endured, homeowners are eager to get outside and get started on their spring cleaning projects. A simple raking of the yard and new mulch in the flower beds can do wonders for the appearance of a home, but new stonework is what really makes an outdoor area pop. Whether it is stone walls, pathways, or patios, Colonial Stoneworks aims to spruce up outdoor spaces with new hardscaping that is sure to bring it to the next level.

Colonial Stoneworks was established in 2010 by owner Adam Bennett, who previously worked in the automotive and landscaping sectors before focusing on stonework. Colonial Stoneworks specializes in stone walls and retaining walls, which when built correctly, are sure to stand the test of time and last for years to come. Additionally, Colonial Stoneworks is a go to for patios, pathways, and stone mailboxes at both residential and commercial properties.

The company strictly utilizes natural stone, such as granite, a far more environmentally friendly choice in comparison to concrete, which must be mined and produced in a factory. Granite is one of the most often requested materials by homeowners for hardscaping projects, which works out in Bennett’s favor due to its abundance in the “Granite State.”

Sustainability is a key value of Colonial Stoneworks in their everyday business practices. Not only do they use stone that doesn’t require energy intensive production, but Colonial Stoneworks also uses locally sourced materials or materials from the yards of the customers themselves. Additionally, the company utilizes biodiesel to power their equipment and trucks, uses paperless billing for invoices to reduce paper consumption.

It’s the time of the year when homeowners are looking to enhance their outdoor space and make it more enjoyable for the summer months. While typical landscaping and planting will beautify a yard for the season, stonework is what really makes a home stand out in the neighborhood and lasts for years to come.

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