Blog : Yankee Thermal Imaging Supports Home Improvement with Incentive Program

By Sam | Mar 31, 2015 | in

As spring slowly makes an appearance, the thought of cold weather preparation is replaced by thoughts of flowerbeds and herb gardens. Yankee Thermal Imaging plans to help kick start their customers’ springtime home improvement dreams with a hefty incentive program.

This April, Yankee Thermal Imaging is offering a $250 Lowe’s gift card for any Green Alliance members who have weatherization and insulation completed within the month. A weatherization and insulation project delivers an airtight and efficient living area, by closing the building envelope. This decreases the amount of times a furnace needs to kick on, by keeping a more constant temperature and eliminating draft, thus saving the homeowner money.

Yankee Thermal Imaging (YTI) has one goal: to make the Seacoast more efficient. Using state-of-the-art thermal cameras and a highly trained staff, YTI has improved the efficiency of scores of homes and buildings throughout the region. YTI prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all efficiency needs, from the diagnostic energy audit, to installation and weatherization.

Ice dams are among the many weather-related issues that New Hampshire homeowners face in winter. Ice dams cause a backup of water when snow melts on the warmer parts of the roof and back up to areas of ice on the cold sections by the eves. Recent winters have seen optimum conditions for ice dams throughout the state. Chris Meyer, owner of YTI, explains the importance of proper insulation in preventing ice dams.

“We received an extraordinary numbers of calls this winter because of ice dams. Ice dams are a direct result of insulation voids, which cause a moisture issue when snowfall is so great.”

Determined to educate himself on how to best render buildings more efficient, Meyer launched Yankee Thermal Imaging. The company’s goal: to provide advanced, reliable, and cost-effective residential and commercial energy audits and the efficiency upgrades to accompany. YTI helps property owners identify which energy-saving measures to target, helping them save money. It does so using high-tech approaches, including state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, smoke pens, and blower door tests.

Though New England may be seeing winter’s last laugh, Yankee Thermal Imaging hopes to use their Lowe’s gift card incentive program to inspire home and business owners to prepare themselves for next winter.

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