Blog : Winter is snow match for RiverWoods!

By Katie | Mar 5, 2015 | in

It’s almost as though the snow never happened at RiverWoods Retirement Community. No, they don’t have mother nature on their side, but they do have a dedicated staff. The staff has worked tirelessly to allow day-to-day life at RiverWoods continue without any hesitation.

With two blizzards, and snow piling up over five feet this winter, the residents have voiced their appreciation for snow removal to ensure safe walkways and roads. The staff at RiverWoods has put in the extra hours to clear all cars and pavement, and minimize the stress of winter storms for residents. This is an added benefit that most residents don’t think about until they move in… and what a difference it makes!

In early February residents gathered to watch the Superbowl on the big screen! With food, beer, and wine the party was a great way for the community to join together and celebrate the Patriot’s big win. Riverwoods explains, “We have had some pretty phenomenal guests and programs for RiverWoods residents, but we like to have some fun too!”

Looking ahead, RiverWoods is hosting a slew of informative and fun discussions. Starting with “Conversations with Residents” on March 5, where potential residents can sit down with a current resident to learn all about the lifestyle that RiverWoods offers. This is a great opportunity to have a candid discussion with folks who call RiverWoods home, and how they have created a vibrant lifestyle for themselves in their new home, while enjoying a lunch on the RiverWoods campus.

On Thursday, March 19, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. RiverWoods will be hosting a forum on the 2015 Real Estate Forecast. Alan DeStefano will be sharing his insights on what to expect in 2015 for market trends, and when is the right time to sell. He’ll also go into what updates and changes attract buyers the most, and ensure the seller gets the best return on their investment possible.

Whether it be a weekend ski trip, or a local poet coming to campus for a presentation, RiverWoods residents take advantage of numerous opportunities to add a little color to their day-to-day. So, it should be no surprise that a little (okay, a lot of snow), was not going to slow their roll.

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