Blog : Welcoming New Hampshire Home to the Green Alliance

By Sam | Mar 31, 2015 | in

We're pleased to announce that New Hampshire Home magazine has joined the Green Alliance! Part of a trilogy of publications by McLane Communications, New Hampshire Home is dedicated to showing people how great it is to live in New Hampshire.

Each year, New Hampshire Home publishes a green issue, focusing on net zero homes, sustainable building and design, and tips on green living. According to Susan Smith, New Hampshire Home's Associate Publisher, it's a topic that comes naturally.

"A lot of the visibility we’re giving to the green initiatives of New Hampshire builders, designers and architects aren’t necessarily out there being promoted by them, because it's now a routine part of their business," she said.

New Hampshire Home addresses sustainability concerns and trends throughout each issue. From the challenges of building homes along protected lake fronts to designing for greater efficiency, New Hampshire Home raises readers’ awareness of sustainable alternatives. As a company, McLean Communications supports sound environmental practices by printing all of its publications locally at a Forest Stewardship Council printer using soy-based inks.

If you're a Green Alliance Member, you save a whopping 60% off newsstand prices for a subscription! They also offer a 10% discount for Members and Business Partners to become a new advertiser.

Welcome, New Hampshire Home, we're glad to have you with us!