Blog : Welcome Integrated Fitness to the Green Alliance!

By Craig | Mar 17, 2015 | in

We're are pleased to welcome Integrated Fitness of Dover to the Green Alliance!

At Integrated Fitness, founder Jonathan Arnold, who prefers Jon, and his team of certified trainers help clients live a more sustainable lifestyle. Trainers work with clients to help them lose weight, build muscle, eat healthier and meet personal goals with classes for a more balanced lifestyle.

To lead these comprehensive, and sometimes rigorous, classes, Integrated Fitness's trainers are specially certified to help clients reach their individual health goals; from weight loss to building muscle and becoming more active. In addition to Jon's expertise, Integrated Fitness has four personal trainers and two group exercise instructors on staff for private, one-on-one training, as well as group sessions that include the Weight Loss Challenge program, Strength Training classes and more. And the trainers at Integrated Fitness go beyond just the physical workout at the studio, with one-on-one nutrition consulting and a nutrition class as part of the Weight Loss Challenge program.

Right now, Integrated Fitness is looking for participants for its Spring 2015 Weight Loss Challenge program. Since launching the program, Integrated Fitness's participants have lost a collective 4,000 pounds. The next Weight Loss Program starts April 13. Go here to sign up!

Part of the work Jon does at Integrated Fitness is to help people lose weight naturally without the need for surgery, which Jon doesn't recommend unless a person is truly out of options.

"It's definitely a lot healthier for them not to do it," he said. His hope is that clients see the benefit fitness and proper nutrition have on their overall health, instead of the perceived quick fix surgery offers.

Jon took a financial risk by quitting his desk job to launch Integrated Fitness in 2010. His goal was to help others take control of their health. It proved to be a successful endeavor. During Integrated Fitness's first year, Jon said he would've been happy if he booked 20 - 30 client hours. Fours years later, Integrated Fitness had 80 - 90 client hours, and those numbers rose steadily to 110 in 2015. That much growth in such a short period of time leaves Jon feeling optimistic about how people think of their health, as well as Integrated Fitness's growth. "We hope to to make it to 140-150 by the end of the year," he said. "That's a good goal."

Whole body health and wellness is Jon and his trainer's goal for their clients at Integrated Fitness; no matter their experience level. Through education and exercise, Jon believes we can all live more sustainable lives.