Blog : Royce's Bootcamp Is Back

By Sarah Mahoney | Mar 23, 2015 | in

Back by popular demand, Royce's Bootcamp is now being blended into FitCamp at the Integrated Fitness of Dover. This class is focused on balance training and calorie loss in individuals. Balance training is important, especially when you are recovering from any sort of injury or to try to avoid any future injuries. Focusing on lower leg and foot musculature can be vital for athleticism as well. This training is part of Integrated Fitness' goal to help clients reach an overall more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Jonathon Arnold is dedicated to helping people change their lives. His goals for his clients at Integrated Fitness is whole body health and wellness no matter their experience level. He believes that we can all live more sustainable lives through proper education and exercise. He is committed to working with clients to help them lose wright, build muscle, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Integrated Fitness trainers are specially certified to help clients reach their goals and there are 4 personal trainers and 2 group exercise instructors on staff for any type of training you prefer. They also offer one-on-one nutrition consulting and a nutrition class as part of the Weight Loss Challenge Program. They provide an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere that clients can work towards their goals and work hard in a safe environment.

Royce's Bootcamp begins Tuesday, March 24th at 5:30 a.m. and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday.

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