Blog : Jump Start Your Sustainability Efforts with the Film Food Chains

By Katelyn | Mar 18, 2015 | in

The Green Alliance is all about shopping with local and sustainable businesses so we want you to see the film Food Chains for free! Join the GA as a new member, or renew your expired membership, and you will receive 2 FREE tickets ($20 value) to Food Chains on Thursday, March 26 at the Music Hall in Portsmouth.

When the average American strolls down the aisles of their local grocery store, they put little thought into where each item has traveled from or the hands that picked it. Food Chains exposes the power of supermarkets in the agricultural sector and impact they have on the supply chain and farmworkers. While fast food restaurants account for a large portion of agricultural production, supermarkets are the largest destination for products and earn about 4 trillion dollars a year globally. The film demonstrates the control supermarkets have over farms and their workers, often draining revenue from their providers and leaving farmworkers in poverty and substandard working conditions.

In particular, Food Chains narrows in on a group of tomato pickers in Southern Florida who are battling the supermarket industry to improve conditions and wages for farmworkers. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) created the Fair Food Program, which is a partnership between farmers and retail food companies to guarantee that workers on the participating farms receive humane wages and working condition. The group aims to ensure a better life for America’s farmworkers, who historically have been mistreated and exploited, and to create a more transparent food chain.

With continuously growing global food networks, consumers are often highly disconnected with the origin of the foods they eat, but the mission of the Green Alliance is to influence the public to make more sustainable choices by shopping locally with environmentally conscious businesses. At the same time, the GA strives to increase the profits of businesses that choose to have the least impact on the environment and encourages partnerships between these businesses.

Don’t miss this chance to see the moving film Food Chains for free and to join the GA community of environmentally conscious members. A membership with the Green Alliance gives you discounts with 100+ local green businesses, access to member exclusive events, such as holiday parties and summer sails on the Gundalow, and is the perfect way to show your dedication to working with local and sustainable businesses.

Join the GA or renew your expired membership and you will receive two free tickets to the only showing of Food Chains at the Portsmouth Music Hall.

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