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By Katelyn | Mar 2, 2015 | in

With the month of February out the door, most New Englanders are hopeful that March will bring warm temperatures and an end to the record breaking snowfall of the 2014-2015 winter season. While the majority of New Hampshire residents are fed up with snow and frosty temperatures, snow removal businesses in the area are grateful for a busy and profitable couple of months. Many landscaping companies switch to plowing, clearing roofs, and removing ice dams during like winter, like our Business Partners Cornerstone Tree Care, Site Structures Landscaping, and Purely Organic Lawncare. When it becomes warmer, these businesses switch back to focusing on outdoor beautification and design services, but Green Alliance members receive a variety of discounts regardless of the time of year!

This winter has clearly brought extensive snowfall and low temperatures making large icicles and ice dams a common problem for many homeowners and GA members have looked to the Green Cocoon and Yankee Thermal Imaging to solve this problem. The Green Cocoon excels in installing more environmentally friendly insulations, which decrease heat loss, prevent ice damming, and lower home energy costs. At the same time, YTI is the go-to business for energy audits to assess home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

Green Alliance members not only receive exclusive discounts with these businesses and 100+ GA Business Partners, but are also part of a community of green leaning shoppers. Members choose to shop local and with more sustainable businesses, which keeps dollars in the community and helps small businesses grow. GA members also enjoy access to member exclusive events such as holiday parties, business forums, and summer sails on the Gundalow!

A Green Alliance yearly membership is a great first step to show your support for local and green businesses, but what about people who want to further demonstrate their commitment? This is where the Sustaining Membership comes in to play. By joining the Green Alliance as a Sustaining Member you receive a lifetime membership to the GA and will enjoy discounts with our Business Partners without every worrying about renewing your card. In addition, new members receive a free GA t-shirt to show friends how much they care about their community and environment and permanent acknowledgment on our website

Check out the various membership levels and join the GA community today!