Blog : Green Alliance Members Receive Special Spring Discount for the Fly Cage

By Craig | Mar 31, 2015 | in

They might not be something most New Englanders think about this time of year, but come mid-summer green-heads, deer and horse flies are all anyone talks about. From the North Shore of Massachusetts up the coast of Maine, each July many a beach day, or backyard cook-out is ruined by these flies constantly biting and terrorizing. But Tom Pray of Ecotech Pest Control Services has developed a solution that could finally alleviate one of the summer's biggest backyard woes. He calls it the Fly Cage.

Now, exclusively for Green Alliance members, Pray is offering $20 off the purchase of your the Fly Cage as a special spring discount to get your backyard ready for summer cook-outs without annoyance. Green Alliance members should enter GA20 when when making their purchase here. If you're not a Green Alliance member, you can join now for $20 (a $15 savings). Join here!

Pray's invention, which mimics the appearance of a four-legged animal, is completely environmentally-friendly. Built with recyclable materials, the Fly Cage is meant for residential and commercial use. That visual lure is a buoy, black in color, with a shimmering exterior that attracts the seasonal flies. The flies are drawn in, acting on their natural behavior to attack the underside of large animals like deer and cattle. Once the flies realize their mistake they fly straight up, toward the light coming through the top of the trap, getting caught in its mesh netting and perish. The netting works like a lobster trap allowing the flies to enter, but not exit.

"There are no chemicals or pheromones or anything," said Pray. "Its a visual trap so it will catch the biting flies known as green-heads, deer flies, horse flies; it will catch them without using anything but a visual lure to bring them in."

The traps are more effective and environmentally friendly than chemical sprays, according to Pray. He added that these flies cannot be eliminated with chemical treatments available on the market.

With a B.S. in Entomology, Pray is more than just the typical pest control guy. He backs his work with science. Over the years he has studied the flies and developed a product that will target the weaknesses in their instincts to beat them.

Pray has dealt with different types of pests; from carpenter ants, wasps and ticks. His environmentally-friendly treatments for the home are made of plant-based, biodegradable compounds. Servicing a property with these eco-friendly treatments, and developing a product to trap and kill the flies without chemicals, is, according to Pray, part of his commitment to staying green.

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Green Alliance members also save 10% on mosquito, tick, and ant mitigation services for the first year of service! (Does not apply for termites nor can it be applied to any additional year of service).