Blog : Favorite Foods an Independent Edge for Restaurants

By Ken | Mar 11, 2015 | in

Somersworth-based independent food distributor Favorite Foods is more than a typical food supplier by design, striving to be as green a company as possible.

In 2004, Favorite Foods made, what some might consider a poor business decision, when they turned down an offer from Applebee's to become the chain-restaurant's local franchise food supplier. Most restaurant food suppliers would have jumped at the chance to work with a large chain store like Applebee's. But Favorite Foods is not like most restaurant food suppliers.

Founded in 1987, Favorite Foods caters to local independent restaurants; something they are proud to do. Earlier in 2004 Applebee's CFO Steve Lumpkin stated in an interview that Applebee's was “clobbering the independent restaurants.” Keeping with their desire to service independent restaurants, and not those aiming to oust them from the marketplace, Favorite Foods declined to become Applebees'.

Independent food distributors are harder to find these days, and will likely be more so if the purchase of US Foods by Sysco goes through – which currently has a preliminary injunction from the FTC calling the potential merger harmful to competition.
Eleven years later, the local family-owned Favorite Foods is still going strong, with notable seacoast clientele such as Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine, Smuttynose Brewing Company's new restaurant Hayseed, in Hampton, and The Portsmouth Brewery, has just renewed for the fourth time as a Business Partner with the Portsmouth-based Green Alliance.
As part of their continued commitment to sustainability, Favorite Foods recently installed controls on their refrigeration system, which resulted in 70% fewer defrost cycles and more efficiently run evaporators. This is the most recent step that Favorite Foods has taken to be a greener company. Favorite Foods has installed the largest roof mounted solar panel system in New Hampshire, consisting of 572 solar panels, which creates enough electricity to power 23 modest sized homes.

They also installed an air economizer, which shuts down the refrigeration systems when the outside temperature is colder, to naturally chill the cooler and dock. The air economizer is able to run at least 151 days out of each year.

Favorite Foods installed more efficient lighting and put in motion sensors. All of their company trucks run on biodiesel. They also recycle all of their cardboard and plastic, which resulted in a 75% drop in their trash. Favorite Foods has even evaluated the companies they purchase from to see how sustainable their practices are.

Green Alliance business members can earn up to a 10% discount on their first eight weeks worth of purchases at Favorite Foods. Not a member? Join here!