Blog : Yoga Gets a New Twist with Broga

By Corey | Feb 26, 2015 | in

GateWay Taiji Qigong and Yoga hosts workshop on the latest trend in fitness– yoga geared toward men.

PORTSMOUTH - There's a new trend gaining popularity in the yoga community that has men emerging from their mancaves and stretching their way into yoga studios. Known as Broga, this class offers a unique and innovative type of yoga designed to engage men through a challenging set of routines that combine traditional yoga postures with strengthening exercises. The result is a workout that improves flexibility, builds muscle, reduces the risk of injury, relieves stress and improves balance.

One local yoga studio that has picked up on this growing trend is GateWay Taiji Qigong and Yoga center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Focused on taiji and qigong, in addition to yoga, GateWay has been a center for practicing and teaching the martial arts and energy work since 2012. Its large studio provides a spacious, sunlit, inviting environment for daily classes and special seminars. Gateway founder Bill Buckley creates a welcoming, non-judgmental and fun atmosphere where people of all ages and fitness levels can explore, get fit and connect with other like-minded seekers. Buckley hopes that incorporating the Broga workout will open his studio space to a wider range of students, especially men who don't often participate in yoga.

“Many men avoid yoga because they don’t have the natural flexibility most women have. Traditional yoga classes often highlight this weakness, leading to frustration,” says Buckley.

To calm those apprehensions and ignite interest in the new technique, and in advance of World Taiji and Qigong day on April 25, GateWay will host a Broga workshop on March 7, combining more accessible stretches and fitness exercises geared toward men. But don’t let the name be misleading, Broga warmly welcomes women and approximately 15 percent of Broga participants in the U.S. are women. In fact, Buckley first heard of the new workout from a friend and fellow Yogi.

“I learned about Broga through Karen De Temple, a Broga Teacher in Cambridge [Massachusetts]. Karen and I met through our 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training,” Buckley recalls.

DeTemple will be the guest instructor on March 7 and Buckley says it will be an exhilarating workout. "[Karen] is all fire, all the time,” says Buckley.

Trademarked in 2009, Broga Yoga was co-founded by Robert Sidoti and Adam O'Neill of Martha's Vineyard. With male professional athletes, special-forces military training programs and police departments adopting yoga into their workouts, men are beginning to understand the benefits associated with yoga. Designed specifically for men, Broga is geared toward the 2 million men expected to take up yoga within the next year, based on these current trends.

The GateWay Broga workshop is $20 pre-registration $25 drop-in, and $15 for GateWay students. And Buckley hopes to offer an ongoing Broga class should the workshop be successful.

Additionally, GateWay encourages patrons to improve their green choices while improving their body, mind, and spirit. Buckley wanted his studio space to reflect those values. Located in the refurbished Button Factory mill building, Buckley transformed his studio with a major renovation including energy efficient upgrades like LED lights and a recently completed installation of a 21-KW solar system. And GateWay is a Business Partner with the Green Alliance, a union of local, sustainable businesses and members working to unite the green community.

Buckley believes men, and women, should participate in Broga because it can benefit the mental and physical health of both sexes. “It’s fun, mindful and it’s great exercise," says Buckley. "It is an easy pathway for guys and their partners, to engage in yoga together.”

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