Blog : RiverWoods joins Green Alliance to encourage sustainability

By Ken | Feb 16, 2015 | in

One of the goals of the RiverWoods Environmental Sustainability Committee is to continually learn about new ways to maintain a healthy environment for generations to come. In light of that, RiverWoods became an official business partner of the Green Alliance (GA).

This means that RiverWoods will will undergo a sustainability certification, a process that evaluates how eco-friendly a business is. This independent analysis will give the Environment Sustainability Committee and staff a baseline, and an in-depth look at where RiverWoods excels in sustainability, and where more attention needs to be paid. The end result will be a Sustainability grade on a scale of 1-10, which will be published as part of a report.

This partnership also gives RiverWoods a voice in the greater Seacoast area, where they can join important discussions about climate change, green initiatives, and how to run a green business. The GA is comprised of 100 local, green businesses ranging from Sagamore Golf Club, to the Portsmouth Brewery, to The Gundalow Sailing Company, to Ultra Geothermal. This union of businesses all participate in environmentally responsible practices, and are all screened by the GA through the Sustainability Certification

The vision of the Environment Sustainable Committee is to raise awareness throughout the RiverWoods community of environmental issues. The committee has played an active role in discussing localizing foods, and ensuring that food sources are providing the least modified, healthiest foods for residents.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Green Alliance Business Partner here!