Blog : Proulx Expands Service Area through Merger

By Mike | Feb 11, 2015 | in

Proulx Oil & Propane has officially merged with Manchester-based company J.A. Bourque & Sons. The merger will extend Proulx’s service area from the southern Maine and Seacoast region all the way through the central New Hampshire and White Mountain areas. The expanded company will provide such services as fuel delivery, heating and air conditioning system installation, and 24-hour service.

“We are very pleased to be joining together with a company that takes customer service as seriously as we do,” said Proulx President and CEO James D. Proulx. “Proulx is all about making people comfortable at home, and we look forward to bringing an expanded choice of products and services to Bourque customers and other homeowners throughout the Manchester area.”

Established in 1944, Proulx has always been a forward-thinking company. Shortly after its inception, the company led the charge away from sooty coal to propane gas, an alternative that is cleaner even to this day. The company went on to pioneer BioHeat, a renewable alternative to standard heating oil grown domestically on U.S. farms, and today Proulx is a strong supporter of Heat Force, an additive that ensures cleaner burning and fewer emissions.

In addition to its heating services, Proulx recently formed an offshoot AutoGas company. With Proulx AutoGas, fleet vehicles can fill up with a fuel that burns 70% cleaner than standard gasoline. While AutoGas isn’t yet available to the wider public, Proulx remains hopeful that its use in the business world will make it more accessible someday.
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