Blog : Presentation of Divestment Letter to UNH Administration

By Sarah Mahoney | Feb 2, 2015 | in

"Fossil fuels are history, and renewable energy is our future" is the message that fossil fuel divestment supporters from all around the world are working to spread to as many people as possible. Internationally, renewable energy is cheaper than ever and the climate movement is on the rise. Global Divestment Day is intended to spread the word about taking action and demanding individuals and businesses as a whole to stray from the use of fossil fuels. The goal is to encourage people and institutions to move their public money away from fossil fuels and directly challenge the social license of the fossil fuel industry. College students are expected to hold flash-mobs, vigils, rallies, and sit-ins about their intentions to end their use of fossil fuels and support and participate in the movement of renewable energy. Faith leaders, administrators, business leaders, and individuals in general will work together to show the world that we are serious about the divestment movement and won't stop until we see results.

There are several events going on, but the local event is on the T-hall lawn at the University of New Hampshire in Durham and it begins at 2:00p.m. This is the two year anniversary of a previous notification about the divestment movement at UNH and this includes a public presentation informing students and staff about divestment, as well as presenting a petition to demonstrate that the movement is growing. All around the world, renewable energy is cheaper than ever and fossil fuels are continuing to negatively effect our climate and society, and this is a just one way for the community to become more educated.

For more information about Global Divestment Day, click here.

For more information about our local event, click here.