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By Corey | Feb 26, 2015 | in

What: Demand for locally-sourced solar power has grown and NHSolarGarden, one of the first companies to promote group net metering, offers a solution that makes solar affordable for everyone. Founded by Andrew Kellar, NHSolarGarden matches group members interested in purchasing solar power with land and property owners who act as hosts for solar arrays. NHSolarGarden develops a solar array to power one location, the host site, which shares its excess power with another location, like a residence, business or school, through existing utilities like NH Electric Coop, Unitil and Eversource Energy (formerly PSNH). Groups made up of individuals also receive a host's excess energy when they join NHSolarGarden. Members get bi-annual Solar Rebates, equivalent to one cent per kWh off their current electric rate; essentially incurring no upfront costs to invest in local solar and in fact, saving money off their regular electric bill. NHSolarGarden customers keep their same electric bill and enter into long-term plans with fixed-rate programs and never have to worry about rate changes.

By joining NHSolarGarden, group members support the development of clean, local power while bringing economic benefits to local farmers and landowners who lease their land for solar installations. NHSolarGarden will even build separate solar systems for greenhouses so farmers can grow crops year round while generating solar energy on their land. NHSolarGarden also installs arrays on structures including landfills, malls, self-storage facilities, mill buildings and warehouse rooftops and require as little as 7,000 sq. feet for a potential solar lease space. The company handles all development and equipment costs and any utility logistics. NHSolarGarden offers a novel avenue towards energy independence by allowing individuals to invest in locally generated solar power and reduce their electricity costs while doing so.


Where: 74 Union Road, Stratham, N.H.


Call: 603.817.1175

What Makes Us Green:

• Offers 100 percent clean, renewable product option to clients.
• Individual clients who use the service receive bi-annual Solar Rebates.
• Will build greenhouses that operate on solar energy for farmers in need.
• Can help businesses and individual consumers reach net-zero.
• Low environmental impact as solar arrays require as little as 7,000 square feet.
• Supports local agriculture through clients' support of farmland.
• Unites community through shared energy initiatives.
• 95 percent paperless business.

Green Alliance members recieve a biannual 1.5 cents per kWh solar rebate. Not a member? Join here!

All GA Businesses are green certified. Read NHSolarGarden's full certification documents and learn more about their sustainability initiatives and those of over 100 other local green businesses at