Blog : Ice Damage: Protect the Environment While Protecting Your Homes

By Corey | Feb 26, 2015 | in

It’s no surprise that with this winter delivering its spate of major snowstorms, homeowners are facing the problem of dealing with ice dams and leakage into their houses. Ice dams form when the roof temperature is above freezing, typically a result of poor insulation, and when the temperature of the overhang and gutters is below freezing. The water from melted snow turns into ice at the soffit area and runs down the cold part of the roof causing ice dams and outsized icicles.

Prevention of ice dams first comes with proper roof insulation. Green Cocoon offers “green” spray foam made from polyurethane plastic and cellulose insulation made from recycled paper that provides long-lasting insulation to lower heating and cooling energy costs by half, compared to traditional insulation products. Yankee Thermal Imaging can also save homeowners the trouble of roof damage by identifying where homes are losing heat and helping make energy efficient upgrades through energy audits.

Another problem plaguing homeowners during winter storm season is fallen trees onto homes. In addition to their focus of pruning and removal of trees with the least invasive approach, Cornerstone Treecare is clearing snow off roofs and removing ice dams using a climbing method of belaying off trees without damaging their very sensitive bark.

For quick fixes, the most common solution to melting damaging ice is rock salt due to its effectiveness and affordability. However, rock salt has detrimental environmental effects that will harm surrounding vegetation, wash into water ways, increase salinity, and can potentially contaminate drinking water. It’s also corrosive to metals and concrete and harmful to pet’s paws. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to rock salt that are kid, pet, and environmentally friendly.

Green Earth Ice Melter has low toxicity, less damage to concrete and vegetation, quickly penetrates snow and ice, and doesn’t stain concrete, asphalt, or shoes when used properly. Their Happy Paws Ice Melt is specifically designed with pet safety in mind with no salt, chloride, glycols, amides, or urea in their product. Green Earth also offers a green roof melt package for ice dams that is a sleeve filled with de-icer material used for long-lasting results that won’t damage the roof or its components. For all the Do-It-Yourself fans, the latest trick to get rid of ice between gutters is to fill pantyhose with salt to make your own ice dam melter that fits perfectly – but be sure to fill with environmentally safe de-icer to protect surrounding vegetation when spring finally comes!

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