Blog : The Green Alliance Community Rallies Around Jim and Deana Cavan

By Katelyn | Feb 23, 2015 | in

From Sarah Brown

It is with great, great sadness that we extend all of our love and support to former Green Alliance Director of Media Jim Cavan and his wife Deana, as they carry the unimaginable grief of the passing of their lovely baby son Everett Cavan. For those of you who know Jim, you know him as an incredible writer and a major contributor to the Green Alliance. Jim worked four years to make this organization into what it is today and in the last year I saw him apply the same love, passion and creativity to fatherhood. Both Jim and Deana were nothing short of master parents and I watched as these two newbies mothered and fathered as if it was their natural calling. As the mom of 3 girls I have never seen such fabulous parents; two adults that were at once loving, instructive and fun. They clearly were enjoying every minute of this lovely creature they had in their hands!

Jim and Deana graced us with little Rett a few times; allowing me and my girls to babysit and play with the vibrant and sharp little guy on a few occasions and boy did we have a great time with him. When Jim or Deana came to pick him up we didn’t want to give him back. He was so easy and fun to be with – I had to reprimand my girls for not sharing Rett, with my oldest Daria “hogging” the beautiful boy to the detriment of Auden and Claire who were losing patience waiting for their turn to hold him. We know firsthand the wonder of this child, his tenacity, energy and beauty. My whole family thanks Jim and Deana for sharing Rett with us – and I thank Jim for making me a better person and a better mom. Jim and Deana you are an inspiration to all of us.

We will always hold Rett in our hearts and the Green Alliance community sends all of our support to Jim and Deana and our blessings to little Rett who we commend for his strength and the love he has given to his parents and this world.

Jim and Deana have asked that in lieu of gifts to them you consider donating to Rett’s GoFundMe site where they will take the money raised and put it towards other families with sick children and to battling this devastating cancer that has taken Rett from this world. To donate or learn more click here