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By Corey | Feb 17, 2015 | in

...and this from GA Director, Sarah Brown

I know that those close to me might be tired of hearing my exuberance for the snow and cold but I really can’t stop raving about it. There is something just so energizing about that crisp, cold, clean air and everything covered in white - the way our streets look entirely different and the woods are like a wild world of wonder and light! Since our first snowstorm in the form of Juno 2 weeks ago, I haven’t stopped fully taking advantage of what our wondrous outdoor world has to offer. After a nearly 15 year hiatus from cross country skiing, all this snow has gotten me back in to it. I used to cross country ski almost every weekend when I lived in Russia (maybe that’s where my love for a strong winter really solidified!), but with the 3 kids and work, and a lack of good consistent snowfall, I had forgotten just how much I love this outdoor sport!

There is so much to enjoy about this winter we are having and one of the main things is our natural world and how it is rendered by all this white. Whether it’s the ocean or the woods, please make an effort to get out and experience it with friends and especially your kids. This is how it starts; we plant the seeds in the next generation, an appreciation for the outdoor world and the adventures and joys it provides us.

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The Kittery Land Trust just took out a massive loan to fund the purchase of a breathtakingly beautiful parcel of land off of Brave Boat Harbor Rd (103 almost to the York line) and I have visited that property 3 times in the last week for walking, snow-shoeing and skiing. Its organizations like the KLT that are working to preserve our precious places right here in our own back yards.

So get out there and enjoy and take your kids with you! Learn more about how you can join our community of sustainable citizens and families below!

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