Blog : Futuro Breaks Ground in Newmarket

By Ken | Feb 11, 2015 | in

For Futuro Builders, green construction is not just a lofty thought. “Green is good for all,” is one of the motto's at Futuro Builders, a green building company launched in 2011 by Jesse Ware. The name is a combination of “future” and “zero,” which is the type of construction that Ware would like to see for all constructions, net zero.

Futuro Builders just recently completed building a net zero home in Rye Harbor, which features a porch ceiling and rafters crafted from beautiful Maine White Cedar, and they have now broken ground on a new net zero home in Newmarket. Net zero homes ultimately utilize no fossil fuels. For projects that aren't net zero, Ware tries to limit the use of fossil fuels and in all building projects uses environmentally safe materials. Ware is LEED AP certified and stays up-do-date on new environmentally sustainable products on the market.

Futuro Builders works on commercial projects as well as residential homes, doing both completely new builds as well as remodels. When Futuro Builders are creating a project, environmental sustainability is the standard, not just a hope. Futuro Builders aims to build the most energy efficient homes possible using the most sustainable products available on the market. Ware knows, what he hopes his customers will also learn, that green homes are also healthy homes. Green homes aren't just better for the environment and more sustainable, but they are also healthier for your family as well. A winning combination!

Local vendors are utilized as much as possible, keeping money within the local area and allowing for locally sourced materials to be used. Excess reusable materials are donated to Habitat For Humanity's ReStore and materials from job sites are recycled. All of this ensuring that not only is the finished project sustainable, but the process of building it was too.

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