Blog : EZ Bikes in Green Alliance for another year

By Sam | Feb 3, 2015 | in

We’re happy to announce that EZ Bikes and Scooters will be with the Green Alliance for another year! That means another great year of storytelling and another great year of discounts.

In case you don’t know, EZ Bikes and Scooters offers an array of electric bikes, scooters, mopeds and more. An electric bike is one where the rider controls whether or not to pedal with their feet or use the motor, so it can be used to zip somewhere fast or just for exercise!

Wanna feel the wind in your hair on your morning commute? Electric bikes and scooters cut down on your fuel costs (as well as your carbon footprint), and offer a fun way to get outdoors and go places. If you’re a Green Alliance Member, you can get $100 off a new bike or scooter, $50 off a used bike or scooter, and 20% off parts for repairs.

Not a Green Alliance Member yet? You can join here.