Blog : Two Portsmouth Construction Projects Go Green With Insulation

By Ken | Jan 21, 2015 | in

Buildings are the largest categorical contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and properly insulating your home is a large part of reducing a home's energy consumption. The majority of the energy used in a home is on heating and cooling and the oft-used fiberglass insulation for homes is not an overly efficient insulator nor is it a green solution for insulating your home.

This is where The Green Cocoon, a strong advocate of eco-friendly and high performance forms of insulation, comes in. The company, launched in 2007, focuses on various green insulation options for your house, which also act as better insulating material than fiberglass insulation. These options not only help in creating a green and sustainable option for your home, but also will reduce future heating and cooling costs.

The Green Cocoon was just recently involved in a project involving a home renovation and addition in Portsmouth's South End on a historic property. The project involved the use of two different types of green insulation, to create a finished project that would function on two different levels; the home will be comfortable year round and will be quiet inside keeping out the noises of the city. The Green Cocoon is currently involved in a new green construction on Vaughan Street in Portsmouth that also utilizes two different types of green insulation to meet needs of the building.

The most efficient insulation option available through The Green Cocoon is a soy spray foam. They also offer, as their greenest option, cellulose insulation, made from recycled newspapers and other print material. Other green insulation options include denim insulation, made from blue jean remnants and recycled cotton material, and Roxul, a rock-based mineral fiber made from Basalt rock and recycled slag.

Spray foams are now being installed using a new blowing agent, called Solstice, that has a global warming potential which is far less than most currently utilized blowing agents.

The Green Cocoon does offer fiberglass insulation, when necessary – often in connection with one of their greener insulation products. They also offer a mix of insulation which are designed to meet the needs of your building project.

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