Blog : Retirement community offers sustainable facilities, green culture

By Sam | Jan 6, 2015 | in

What began as a homegrown idea in the heads of Rosemary Coffin and Maryanna Hatch has turned into a constantly growing community. RiverWoods at Exeter is a nonprofit organization that focuses on high-quality care. Since opening in 1994, the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) has expanded to three campuses, hundreds of apartments and cottages, as well as several dining and exercise facilities.

RiverWoods is a perfect place for the earth-conscious retiree. Outfitted with timed LED and CFL lights, resident-run recycling program, a solar thermal system which aids in heating hot water. And every day, they’re planning for future improvements.

It’s not just the facilities; there is also a budding culture of environmentalism in its ranks. A team of environmental activists, also residents at RiverWoods, have banded together as a group to head up sustainability issues on the campus. The team holds regular meetings to brainstorm for progress, and then consults the board of directors, working together to make improvements to its campuses. The team was instrumental in RiverWoods joining the Green Alliance, a local union of sustainable businesses.

“Some of our residents are interested in composting, others in energy conservation, others in networking outside the RiverWoods community about environmental issues,” said Director of Facilities Tim Bishop. “We provide a community of peace of mind, and being responsible with the resources we use is part of that.”

RiverWoods at Exeter is leading the way for retirement communities to be cleaner and better for the environment. Check out their Business Partner page on our site, or their website for more info.