Blog : Reclaimed Granite Becomes Another Source of Beauty

By Ken | Jan 16, 2015 | in

Colonial Stoneworks, owned by Adam Bennett, creates beauty through nature utilizing “green hardscaping.” Bennett is currently hard at work on a project that he is doing utilizing granite blocks that have been reclaimed from a train depot in Concord, New Hampshire giving a new life to these majestic pieces of nature.

Every job done by Bennett is a unique project and Colonial Stoneworks listens to the customers desires and offers design consultation and assistance. Colonial Stoneworks utilizes natural stone, which is inherently greener than energy-intensive concrete for their hardscaping projects. Not only does natural stone look nicer than concrete, but stone doesn't degrade as concrete does allowing for a beautiful green hardscape that will remain.

Colonial Stoneworks tries to obtain as much of their materials through local sourcing as possible. Much of their granite is sourced from the former Milford, New Hampshire quarry and Colonial Stoneworks places and emphasis on reclaimed materials. Colonial Stoneworks also reclaims materials from new subdivisions, instead of allowing them to go to waste, and from local property owners. They will also obtain the stone from customers property, if desired, for a greener option.

Creating beauty through nature isn't the only way that Colonial Stoneworks is a green and sustainable business. Colonial Stoneworks has a “no-idling” policy for their trucks and equipment. They also use bio-diesel, made by their neighbor, in their equipment and trucks. They have also installed a 500-gallon storage tank for their bio-diesel supply to reduce the amount of trips to the pump. They also recommend using paperless billing and invoicing.

Colonial Stoneworks also educates customers on the sustainability of natural stone and the sustainable benefits of utilizing locally-sourced stone. For the creation of their stonework, no appliances are used at the customers property. Colonial Stoneworks also offers snow plowing and removal during the winter.

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