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By Katie | Jan 20, 2015 | in

The Green Alliance is happy to introduce a new column featuring our great individual members: Meet a Green Alliance Member. For our first installment, we asked Josh Denton, a Portsmouth resident on a mission, to chat about his GA experience and the environmental world as a whole. Josh and his two standard poodles have become somewhat of local celebrities in downtown Portsmouth, but his efforts to make Portsmouth a more sustainable city are what stood out to the GA. 

Katie Seraikas (KS): Why and when did you join the Green Alliance?
Josh Denton (JD): I joined the Green Alliance to show support for local sustainable businesses that I would not necessarily interact with as a customer. I became a member in 2014, shortly after the Green Alliance hosted Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s Alternative Transportation Roundtable. I was serving as her Outreach Director at the time, and was very impressed when I learned all the Green Alliance was doing for our community.

KS: What businesses do you use your card at most often and why?
JD: My dogs have become downtown Portsmouth staples during their evening walks, so it should be no surprise that I use my card most often at the Natural Dog to purchase Earth Rated Poop Bags. I am constantly finding small, relatively inexpensive, changes I can make in my daily habits that reduce my individual impact on the environment; ranging from consciously disposing my dogs’ waste to reducing my own solid waste by composting with Mr. Fox. I also use my card every now and again to indulge myself with margaritas and Cajun Blackened Snapper Tacos at Poco’s.

KS: What does sustainability mean to you?
JD: Sustainability means living within our means as individuals and as a community. Many practice sustainability to reduce the impacts of climate change or preserve our environment for future generations. I practice sustainability for both reasons, but became an advocate for sustainability on a local level and energy independence on a national level to reduce military engagements rooted in our dependence on foreign energy.

KS: Why do you shop local?
JD: In our ever more interconnected global society, I shop local to support the community that I am excited to be a member of. I look forward to interacting with familiar faces when I buy local; whether it be purchasing my vegetables from the Farmer’s Market and produce from Maine Meat or my books from RiverRun and CDs from Bull Moose.

KS: What can individuals do to go green? 
JD: As both individuals and communities, we can make the seacoast more sustainable. We set an example for our neighbors by making a conscious effort as individuals to shop at local like-minded stores, use reusable tote bags for our groceries, or drink from reusable water bottles. As communities, we can implement various well-drafted, legally-sound ordinances from one that bans single-use, carry-out, plastic bags to a fairer solid waste disposal programs that save taxpayers money such as Pay As You Throw.

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