Blog : Local Oil Company Paves the Way for Cleaner Fuel

By Mike | Jan 22, 2015 | in

Often times, family businesses put their own success before forward thinking. Proulx Oil and Propane is not one of those businesses. Located in Newmarket, Proulx Oil and Propane has been at the forefront of providing cleaner fuel sources for over 70 years.

Founded by Joe Proulx back in 1944, the company initially had its eyes set on moving on from coal to something a little more eco-friendly. Shortly afterwards, Proulx brought propane into the equation- a fuel source that is cleaner than standard oil to this day.

Today, owner Jim Proulx has made a commitment of fully utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the New England area with much greener and safer fuel sources. One of these technologies includes HeatForce, a fuel additive that cleans the heating system, prevents rust and corrosion, and keeps fuel running fresher and longer. With HeatForce, customers make fewer service calls, saving money on repairs.

Proulx was also a pioneer in offering Bioheat, a renewable, ethanol- based oil that burns much cleaner than standard oil. The ethanol for the fuel comes right from corn grown domestically on U.S. farms, avoiding the political and environmental issues typically associated with standard oil. In addition, Bioheat can be used in most home heating systems without making any equipment changes or modifications, providing customers with a greener fuel source at no extra cost.

Even more exciting is Proulx’s new offshoot company, Proulx AutoGas. This new company specializes in providing vehicles with this alternative fuel source, which burns 70% cleaner than standard gasoline. The company also provides services to convert any vehicle to run on AutoGas.

With its long history and ongoing efforts of providing energy efficiency to New England, Proulx Oil and Propane is a name you can trust.

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