Blog : Local Business Rethinks Auto Fuel

By Mike | Jan 22, 2015 | in

Often times, family businesses put their own success before forward thinking. As an offshoot of Proulx Oil and Propane, Proulx AutoGas is not one of those businesses. Founded by Joe Proulx back in 1944, the company initially had its eyes set on moving on from coal to something a little more eco-friendly. Shortly afterwards, Proulx brought propane into the equation- a fuel source that is cleaner than standard oil to this day.

Today with Proulx AutoGas, Proulx is bringing business fleets- including police cruisers, school buses, airport shuttles, and limos -to a new level of energy efficiency. AutoGas burns 70% cleaner than standard gasoline, and is used by over 18 million vehicles worldwide, including over 50% of all cars in Australia. With less than 5% of all vehicles in America running on AutoGas, Proulx is working on catching our cars up to speed.

The average cost of converting a vehicle to run on AutoGas is around $5800, but the savings are immense; in the long run, a vehicle that converts to AutoGas saves around $500 a month and even makes a payback in less than 20 months. Even Proulx himself is in the process of converting all of his fleet vehicles to run on AutoGas.

The Prins conversion systems that Proulx installs allow a vehicle to switch on the fly from AutoGas to standard gasoline. This means that a vehicle that is out of range of an AutoGas station can simply switch to gasoline to complete its route or continue on to a refueling station.

While it will be some time until this technology is more readily available to the public, Proulx says it won’t be long till the impact of green shifting businesses makes it a reality.

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