Blog : Local Business Helps keep Energy under Control

By Mike | Jan 28, 2015 | in

When it comes to energy, you can never be too efficient. That’s the kind of mindset you would expect from Linda Tyring of TVC Systems. As Linda says about her company, “We’re control freaks.” Based in Portsmouth, TVC Systems specializes in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems; essentially, these are systems designed to adjust and monitor a variety of energy systems including boiler plants, power plants, and utility plants. In the process, SCADA systems help to make these plants more energy efficient.

Founded as Nels Tyring & Associates Inc. back in 1966, TVC was initially formed to market products for manufacturing and process industries. The company started to get involved with programmable systems in 1972, and since then has become heavily involved with designing and installing co-generation and tri-generation systems, otherwise known as CHP.

CHP systems provide a tremendous boost in sustainability, requiring less fuel for any given energy output while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. In addition, CHP systems avoid any kind of loss from electricity traveling down power lines. TVC was recognized by the EPA and CHP partnership for successfully completing 11 CHP projects in January, 2009.

As an integrated energy system, CHP can be installed into a variety of facilities such as colleges and universities, industrial manufacturing companies, office buildings, and military bases. Users can modify CHP to whatever needs they have as well.

An estimated 80-90 percent of projects taken on by TVC involve control systems that reduce overall energy use. Living by its motto “On-line, On Time, Within Budget, and Right the First Time,” TVC strives to deliver, leading to happy customers and strong connections with control and computing vendors.