Blog : Blue Ocean Society Offering Birthday Parties With A Purpose

By Sarah Mahoney | Jan 26, 2015 | in

Blue Ocean Society has been making a difference in protecting marine animals in the Gulf of Maine since 2000, but  the nonprofit is adding another way to get more people involved with their mission. Now Blue Ocean Society is adding birthday party host to their resume, along with the newest member of their family: a 65-foot inflatable whale.

This whale is modeled after a real fin whale named Ladder, who BOS has been studying for almost twenty years. Fin whales are the second largest animal on earth, after the blue whale, as well as an endangered species. Some grow to roughly 90 feet long and 74 tonnes. Ladder is life-sized, which makes it easier for children and adults to understand how big they really are. 

The model is available for indoor and outdoor use for several different programs, which will now include birthday parties. During incelment weather, or if families do not have a place to host the party, BOS will partner with Rye Congregational Church and other venues in the seacoast region to provide space for these parties. In addition to Ladder, Blue Ocean Society has a birthday party option presenting their touch tank, which they offer in the Blue Ocean Discovery Center in Hampton Beach, or at your own location if available. The birthday parties include take home crafts and sponsoring a whale (a way to adopt a whale) for the birthday child as well.

Jen Kennedy and Dianna Schulte founded the Blue Ocean Society almost twenty years ago, and have since become a crucial resource for researchers, environmental activists, and people of all ages in the area. The team focuses mainly on the Gulf of Maine, and even more closely on Jeffrey's Ledge, which is a highly populated area for marine life. BOS helps the public better understand the significance of whales and how important it is to protect them. Blue Ocean Society strives to engage the community to take action and advocate for marine life both locally and globally.

This non-profit organization has been protecting marine animals for almost fifteen years through education, research, and conservation. This includes beach cleanups, studying whales, and hosting educational programs. In 2012 alone, Blue Ocean Society hosted 219 beach cleanups, collecting 12,477 pounds of trash in the area.

For more information about Ladder or any other Blue Ocean Society program or activity, contact Abby Gronberg at or by calling (603) 431-0260.

For more information about Blue Ocean Society's birthday parties, click here.

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