Blog : 900 Degrees Pizzeria Gets Clean while Staying Green

By Mike | Jan 7, 2015 | in

By Anna Murphy

900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, located in Manchester and a second location in Epping, has been a paragon of sustainable business practices for the past seven years. There is a sense of sustainability from the moment you walk in, be it the reclaimed, efficient décor, the fresh food made with organic ingredients whenever possible, or now, the use of all green certified cleaning products.

The pizzeria strives to lessen its environmental impact whenever possible. A Green Alliance member, 900 Degrees owner Priscilla Lane-Rondue has held sustainable living close to her heart for her entire life.

“For me, going green is always my first choice,” said Lane-Rondeau. “I truly believe in it.”

Recently, 900 Degrees made the switch to cleaning with green certified cleaning supplies, thereby keeping the harsh chemicals found in most commercial-grade cleaning products off the table tops, out of the kitchen and out of their waste-stream.

“We’re all really excited to be doing the right thing,” says 900 Degrees employee Pat Holland, “Everyone, employees and customers alike, have been really receptive to the changes.”

The staff uses cloth rags laundered off site to wipe up spills and messes, keeping paper towels and other waste out of landfills. The only paper towels in the restaurant are those in the bathrooms.

Being green is something that was instilled in Lane-Rondeau in her youth. She attributes this to her parents, who lived through the Depression, reusing materials and growing their own food.

"They were very frugal; nothing went to waste. Living that way just becomes ingrained in you," said Lane-Rondeau. "We had a small gentleman’s farm with high quality, sustainable food. We never used chemicals or sprays."

In an effort to make 900 Degrees ever greener, the staff at the Epping restaurant has established what they call The Green Team. Once a month, representatives from each department of the restaurant meet to discuss ways 900 Degrees can move closer to attaining their goal of being 100 percent green.

When making the switch, quality and price were important factors in finding the right green cleaning product. The Green Team did their research and found Reliance brand to be the best fit.

Now, 900 Degrees uses Reliance for their pot and pan soak, glass cleaner, multi-surface cleanser, degreaser and floor cleaner. The staff is thrilled with the results. According to Holland, the price difference is negligible and the quality of the green products is just as high as that of their previous, chemical riddled cleaning supplies.

Not only did The Green Team envision and enact the use of all natural, green certified cleaning supplies, the group has also developed several other ways to produce as little waste in the restaurant as possible. One such change includes the elimination wasteful disposable plastic portion bags from their food preparation. This change will keep hundreds of plastic bags out of the trash.

Despite having accomplished so much, the staff still believes there are more avenues they can take toward reaching their goal of being 100 percent green.

“We will continue to make changes,” says Holland, “When the day comes that we have no waste, we’ll be done.”

900 Degrees is a member of the Green Alliance, a local Portsmouth business working to unite green businesses and like-minded consumers. Linking her restaurant with other green-minded businesses and educating people about the benefits of going green is the most rewarding feat Lane-Rondeau has accomplished at 900 Degrees.

"I am proud of being able to provide quality food and also being able to use my influence to educate people about living sustainably. When we opened 900 Degrees, I said I wanted to be consciously responsible about what we were doing and about being green," says Lane-Rondeau, "Whatever you do, do it well." 

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