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Aucella's Heating System Giveaway Ends December 23!

By Katie | Dec 10, 2014 | in

We're not going to sugar-coat it, it's cold out there. There's no better time to ensure your home is nice and warm. Having an efficient home heating system is key to reaching comfortable temperatures, and Aucella Heating & Cooling wants to ensure you get that this holiday. Enter before December 23 for your chance to win a home heating system from Aucella! 

The contest is for owner occupied, single family homes. Entrants must be adults and legal residents of New Hampshire. Entrants must also be homeowners and fully empowered to make purchase and home improvement decisions regarding their residence. Homes entered must be located within the Aucella Heating and Cooling service area, defined as: Strafford County and Rockingham County (New Hampshire).

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

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Tis the season, for another Green Alliance gathering! 

It's been too long since we've gathered the GA Community for a party. On December 23, from 5:30 - 8 p.m., GA Business Partner, The Portsmouth Brewery is graciously hosting the Seacoast's greenest individuals for the Green Alliance Holiday Bash! This year's party will take place in the Brewery's LaPanza Lounge, where GA Staff, Green Business owners, and card-carrying members will join together for an evening of merriment. Complimentary appetizers will be served as well as the Brewery's amazing collection of beer (read below to find out how to get the first drink on us)! 

In an effort to give back to the community, we ask that each guest bring a non-perishable food donation. In return for your donation, which will be dropped off at Footprints Food Pantry of Kittery, we will give you a beer ticket, which you can use to get one free beer at the Brewery that night. Footprints helps local families who financially cannot afford the necessities that so many of us take for granted. The holiday season can be particularly trying for these families, so it is important, as a community, that we step up and support each other. To learn more about Footprints, and find a list of items that are always in high demand, click here

Prelude Has the Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List!

By Katie | Dec 10, 2014 | in

I love walking through downtown Portsmouth this time of year. The lights on the trees, the wreaths hanging from each lampost, eloquently decorating the ice-laden streets. 

More than that, however, I love managing my time. I knew that when buying gifts for my Mother, Aunt, and girlfriends I needed to stop at Prelude first. And let me tell you, I was right. Not only was I able to select unique gifts for each of them, but I was able to get them something they will love for 10% off. Through December 31, Prelude is offering GA Members 10% off the entire store!

Let me start by saying, my greatest purchase of all wasn't one I had thought I would find there. My pre-conceived notion of Prelude as a woman-dominant market, was quickly shifted when I found the incredible collection of Edwin Jagger shaving products: brushes, double edged safety razors, bowls, stands, natural creams, soaps and after shaves. The four scents available were amazing, and I knew I had hit the jackpot for my brother. I even found a Red Maple ski-band for my Father, designed locally in Eliot! The headband was made in Peru from Alpaca hair, which feature a moisture-wicking fiber made from recycled bottles to provide warmth while eliminating the build-up of sweat. The perfect gift for my winter sports-obsessed Father!

A Financial Approach to Sustainability

By Madalyn | Dec 9, 2014 | in

By Michael McCord
Jeff Hiatt believes that when it comes to sustainability, helping a business stabilize its expenses often can go hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship.
Hiatt is the founder of Performance Business Solutions. From their offices in Hampton Falls, PBS serves clients both locally and nationally. Through the firm’s multi-phase consulting approach, they have helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars since 1995. The firm uses rigorous expense reviews and energy efficiency programs that can add to a company’s bottom line.
Hiatt is connected to many of his clients through CPAs. He consults on how commercial real estate and apartment building owners can use ‘Cost Segregation Studies’ to accelerate depreciation of their properties. “From there we can pivot into a conversation about other savings opportunities,” he said. The next stage can be reducing energy usage by creating energy through sources such as solar, wind and geo-thermal generation. “Engineering studies can be utilized to fully assess the energy efficiency of the client’s property. The studies help to reduce expense and increase profits.”

Treat Yourself to a Green Holiday Season

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Treat Yourself... You Deserve it!

Get yourself a GA Membership NOW for only $25, and get your holiday shopping done with generous discounts at local, green businesses!

We know the rules... you're not supposed to buy yourself anything before the holidays. To encourage you to shop local in the busiest shopping season of the year, we are offering $10 off a GA Membership! Join the GA for only $25 (reg. $35) and get unique, locally crafted gifts (or services) for everyone on your list! And, as a card-carrying member get access to member-exclusive events, including the December 23 GA Holiday Bash, from 5:30 - 8 p.m. at the Portsmouth Brewery! After you join, email to RSVP (and bring a non-perishable food donation to enjoy the first beer on us)!

Or, you could give the gift of the Green Alliance! Gift memberships are $35 and comes with $50 towards Green Maids. With friends and family coming to town, everyone could use a hand in cleaning the house. Green Maids has recently received great reviews from GA Members. Read about their amazing, eco-friendly service here!

Green Story: Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England

By Madalyn | Dec 9, 2014 | in

All Green Alliance Business Partners are green certified by the GA and their evaluation can be found on the individual Green Alliance pages. Each Business Partner is given a transparent evaluation with a report card that shows the rating of the entire business. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England is making small changes to their company's practices that are having a serious impact. Read the full green story below:

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Implements Rigorous Recycling Plan

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England, a franchise of its parent company, is leading the way in sustainable practices for a large-scale manufacturing and distribution facility. Based in Londonderry, New Hampshire, CCNNE is proud of their sustainable efforts to reduce the company's carbon footprint in the creation and delivery of its products.

In an industry that has been around for over 100 years, and 40 plus years working out of their New Hampshire location, CCNNE wants to stay relevant long into the future. It is one of the many reasons CCNNE takes their sustainability initiatives seriously, with long-term focused projects such as switching from wooden pallets to reusable plastic pallets.

"It's more of an investment up front, but it pays us back over time and we’re using a lot less of a resource," says Mike Elmer, Coca-Cola of Northern New England's Director of Capabilities.

Green Jobs: Assistant Real Estate Development Manager with Chinburg Properties

By Craig | Dec 9, 2014 | in

Our Green Jobs Board provides a listing of the latest open positions with our Business Partners in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. And it is also the place to check when we've are looking for qualified candidates to help us grow the local green community from our Green Alliance headquarters located in downtown Portsmouth. We update the page whenever one of our Business Partners, or another green-focused steward, lists an available position. 

Our latest listing comes from Chinburg Properties, a business committed to innovative, sustainable and energy efficient building practices, who is in need of a Assistant Real Estate Development Manager. This is an entry-level position. Chinburg is looking for applicants to work on and support a wide variety of organizational and administrative tasks, with exposure to the life cycle of a development project - from acquisitions through entitlement, construction, sales or leasing, and ongoing asset management. The ideal candidate must be a self-starter who can manage multiple assignments, work independently, and complete assignments in a timely manner.

Applicant Qualifications Include:

  • College degree in Engineering, Finance, Economics, or Architecture
  • 0 – 3 years of experience in any aspect of real estate development
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, “go-getter”, strong work ethic
  • Strong quantitative and Microsoft Excel skills
  • Multi-tasking and prioritizing abilities, effective time management
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Works well independently and in a small office environment
  • Quick learner with ability to ask smart questions and efficiently find answers
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office Suite.

Interested applicants can apply by visiting our Green Jobs Board page and click on the Chinburg/Assistant Development Manager link. Check our Green Jobs Board regularly for updates on new and open positions.

Meet a Green Alliance Business: Ultra Geothermal Inc.

By Madalyn | Dec 9, 2014 | in

Who: Ultra Geothermal Inc.

What: Ultra Geothermal owner Melissa Aho says geothermal's popularity has risen over the years despite its initial upfront cost. With more than a decade of installations, Ultra has proven that customer savings outweigh those costs. Ultra has installed more than 750 systems in New Hampshire alone, including a University of New Hampshire dorm building with 52 operating geothermal units.
Geothermal is one of the cleanest and most efficient renewable energy technologies available, delivering heating and cooling that is up to five times as efficient as that provided by standard fuel oil. While certainly complex, the systems require very little maintenance and, once installed, can have a life expectancy of up to 40 years.
Ultra offers educational one-on-one appointments that showcase an operating geothermal system at its office in Barrington. Ultra Geothermal installations always achieve Energy Star Standards or higher, and all heat pumps are certified. Aho has participated in LEED certification programs through the Jordan Institute and is a member of the Build Green N.H. In 2011, Ultra was one of six New Hampshire businesses to receive New Hampshire Business Magazine's Lean & Green Award.

A Green Alliance Membership is the Perfect Gift for this Holiday Season

By Katelyn | Dec 9, 2014 | in

The end of the holiday season is just around the corner and many of us are still contemplating what to get for those hard to shop for people at the end of our gift lists. It is difficult to find a meaningful gift for our loved ones that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. A gift membership to the Green Alliance is the perfect present for environmentally conscious friends and family members and will allow them to take advantage discounts all year long with their new membership!

A GA membership is not a onetime gift to be enjoyed during the holiday season, but instead a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year! Members receive discounts at more than 100 local and sustainable businesses that aim to be more environmentally friendly while producing reliable goods and services. The wide variety of Business Partners in the Green Alliance means that every new member is sure to find a use for their Green Card. Members enjoy special discounts at a range of businesses from restaurants like Poco’s Bow Street Cantina and Redhook Brewery to savings at area service providers like Zev Yoga and Aucella Heating and Cooling. With a long list of Business Partners, recipients of holiday gift memberships are sure to find a new favorite environmentally friendly business in the Seacoast area!

Guest Blog: City Should Ban Use of Plastic Shopping Bags

By Madalyn | Dec 9, 2014 | in

The Guest Blog below is from Josh Denton, a member of the Portsmouth Sustainable Practices Committee. This post summarizes ideas discussed at the Portsmouth City Council Meeting to help the city become more sustainable during the holiday season.

Portsmouth, NH

On November 17, the Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainable Practices presented the City Council with energy efficiency and sustainability suggestions like instituting Pay As You Throw (PAYT) and new Historic District solar array guidelines. PAYT saves taxpayers money by incentivizing reuse, recycling, and composting, while the Historic District guidelines allow Building Integrated Photovoltaic arrays that double as rooftop shingles or building facades to be visible from primary street-fronts.

Banning retailer-supplied, thin-film, non-biodegradable, single-use plastic shopping bags was also discussed. Shoppers would use their own reusable bags or be charged a fee to use the retailer’s biodegradable or paper bags. This reduces petroleum expended and carbon emitted during their manufacturing, and the environmental impacts from their disposal.

Food Fight: Inside the Battle for Market Basket

By Craig | Dec 9, 2014 | in

This summer's family war between Arthur "Artie T." Demoulas and Arthur S. Demoulas, of the New England supermarket chain Market Basket, played out in the media for weeks after Arthur S., seemingly without reason, fired his cousin and Market Basket CEO, Artie T. Arthur S.'s actions sent workers and customers into a frenzy. Suppliers stopped their shipments, workers picketed, shoppers stopped shopping and the 71 stores throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts went barren. Some workers lost their jobs. What the people most effected by the corporate battle, the workers and the customers, wanted was Artie T. reinstated. To them, Artie T. was their CEO, someone who promoted family values, promised jobs, living wages and benefits to Market Basket workers.

 A new documentary called "Food Fight: Inside the Battle for Market Basket" is in production, that shows, in detail what happen during those seven weeks in the summer of 2014. The documentary, from JBC Films and Cross Current Communications, captures the heated debates between the two corporate parties, their supporters and their detractors. "Food Fight" explores labor unions, wages, worker outrage, and the families who struggled because of decreased income.

UNH Dairy Bar December Special for GA Members!

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Read about this amazing collaboration here

Get Ready for the Holidays with a GA Membership, Get Your House Cleaned by Green Maids!

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Since its foundation in 2009 the Green Alliance has steadily increased its membership base and has reached more than 3,800 members. We have discovered that all of our members are unique in their reasoning for being part of the Green Alliance, where they shop most often, and how frequently they use their Green Cards. Despite the differences among our members there are underlying similarities: our members care about the community and shopping local, and enjoy receiving special discounts with these retailers.

A membership to the Green Alliance is a great addition to any Seacoast shopper’s wallet as it includes not only discounts at 100+ local and sustainable businesses, but also exclusive access to member only gatherings and events. In fact, the Green Alliance Holiday Bash is Tuesday, December 23 from 5:30 - 8 p.m. at the Portsmouth Brewery and is free for all members (space is limited, so RSVP to today with your membership number or after you join for only $25).

Holiday Savings at Prelude!

By Patrick Haigis | Dec 5, 2014 | in

NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge

By Patrick Haigis | Dec 5, 2014 | in

In only its second year, the New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge is already powerfully demonstrating the keen interest of students and community entrepreneurs in helping address some of society’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, and their creativity in designing novel, sustainable, business-orientated solutions.

The Social Venture Innovation Challenge invites individuals and teams from across the state of New Hampshire to identify pressing social and/or environmental issues at the state, national or global level, and then find an innovative business-oriented approach to solving them. Finalists from around the state will compete on December 15 in Durham, New Hampshire for cash prizes to help them launch their innovative idea.

The conclusion of the challenge, on December 15, will be a day filled with workshops and presentations open to the public. The day will start at 10:00 a.m. with Social Innovation in Action workshops where topics including citizen power and impact investing. The afternoon will feature a presentation by one of our country's most recognized social entrepreneurs, Eric Schwarz, founding CEO of Citizen Schools and Executive Chairman, US2020 . Mr. Schwarz will also receive the Carsey School of Public Policy's 2014 Social Innovator of the Year Award. The event will conclude with the exciting announcement of the winners of the 2014 New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge and the awarding of the prizes.