Blog : Third Stone Farm is Open for Their Last Weekend of the Season

By Katelyn | Dec 4, 2014 | in

Of all the wonderful Christmas traditions, there is nothing quite like selecting and cutting your own tree as a family. The fresh air, the spicy smell of the needles, the persuasive arguments made by each family member to prove why their selection is best... those special moments leading up to Christmas are what make long-lasting memories. Across New England, families and friends flock to local Christmas tree farms each year to uphold the annual tradition of traipsing through the snow and picking out the perfect tree. With only a few short weeks left before Christmas, this weekend the last chance to get your family's perfect and organic tree at Third Stone Farm in Barnstead, NH.

"Since I took over the farm a few years ago, I have not used any chemicals or fertilizers so all of my trees are 100% organic. And the greatest thing is that the previous owners also didn't use any chemicals, so we are continuing that natural tradition. It does take a couple of years to get the federal organic certification and we are in the process of obtaining that," says Third Stone Farm co-owner, Tim Gaudreau. 

Third Stone Farm will be open to the public for their final weekend of the season this Saturday and Sunday, where Christmas tree hunters will be able to wander through their farm and find the picture-perfect tree. Third Stone Farm spans 22 acres with thousands of Christmas trees of all different sizes, and this year they have a large quantity of trees that are the ideal size for homes and are ready to be harvested. The farm specializes in Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Fraser Fir, and Blue Spruce varieties, so they is something out there to satisfy every family’s different taste in Christmas trees!

Third Stone Farm was purchased by the Gaudreau family in 2013 and they have maintained the ideals of sustainability held by the previous property owners who established the farm. Tim, Atlanta, and Willow Gaudreau are deeply invested in the farm and their ideals of living environmentally friendly lifestyles. The organic tree farm has implemented a variety of practices such as hand pruning their trees and avoiding pesticides and harsh chemicals to foster farm that is connected to the Earth and highly involved in sustainable techniques. At the same time, they rotate planting after harvests to allow the land to naturally build back soil fertility, and use captured rainwater to care for their trees throughout the year. While a large number of Christmas tree farms are solely focused on the production of trees and marketing them across New England, Third Stone Farm is different in the sense that they truly care about the quality of their trees and the land that they grow on.

This year the Gaudreaus have installed a new marshmallow roasting pit, and in addition to picking out the perfect tree, Third Stone Farm is the ideal place for a winter afternoon's outing. If you have not yet found the perfect tree for your holiday festivities, Third Stone Farm is the place to head to this weekend for that stunning Christmas tree. While you are searching for the tree that is just right, you can discover the wreaths and New Hampshire Maple Syrup and Honey, which the farm also offers to customers. Stop by Third Stone Farm for their last weekend of the 2014 season to enjoy everything associated with a local New England Christmas tree farm.

To learn more about Third Stone Farm and the practices they have implemented to create a sustainable Chistmas tree farm, click here.

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