Blog : Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance Offers Special UNH Graduate Discount

By Katelyn | Dec 2, 2014 | in

After commencement ceremonies in May, herds of recent graduates flock to Boston for career opportunities, night-life, and the big-city feel close to home (or school). The majority of UNH students are originally from New Hampshire or Massachusetts and hope to stay in the area after they are finished with school. For this reason, Boston is one of the top post-graduation destinations for UNH alumni to start the rest of their lives. 

Another thing that bodes well for Boston, and draws recent graduates to the city, is the ease of transportation thanks to the MBTA. While you can "pahk you cah in Havahd yahd", you can just as easily catch the "T" and have access to all of Boston, or take the commuter rail to Worcester, Haverhill, Rhode Island, and more. 

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance has come to the same realization and agrees that if Boston residents are driving their cars less than non-city residents they should not have to face the same insurance rates. The company has recently been working with University of New Hampshire graduates who have moved to Boston and is able to offer the alumni a Public Transit Discount. Although they are now living in Boston, Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance works with the new residents and is able to save customers about $300 a year on their auto insurance. Through the Public Transit Discount, Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance brings their customers hefty savings for relying on public transportation as opposed to individual automobile use.

By offering the Public Transit Discount, Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance is continuing to show their support for environmentally friendly practices. The potential savings can drive customers to use public transportation more often and depend on their cars less, which in turn means less automobile emissions and pollution as well as savings for residents from reduced fuel consumption. Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance has a long history of implementing more sustainable techniques and strives to have a smaller environmental footprint. The firm has been using a paperless management system since 2005 and greatly reduces their paper waste by faxing and emailing quotes to their customers. In addition, they use recycled paper products, biodegradable plastic bags, and Seventh Generation cleaning products to create a more environmentally office space and business.

If you or someone you know is a University of New Hampshire graduate who has moved to Boston, contact Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance to see if you qualify to save around $300 a year on auto insurance through the Public Transit Discount.

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