Blog : Meet a Green Alliance Business: MetalWave, Inc.

By Katie | Dec 31, 2014 | in

Who: MetalWave, Inc.

What: With business offices in North Hampton and a full resource recovery and recycling center in Amesbury, Mass., MetalWave, Inc. services the greater Seacoast corridor for environmentally-friendly electronic and resource recycling. MetalWave provides commercial and residential customers, with a transparent, domestic and cost-effective downstream for end-of-life e-waste recycling. Their services ensure the complete erasure of personal data and full transparency in recovery and disposal, affording customers the security of knowing exactly where their e-waste goes. MetalWave's recycling program keeps harmful contaminants, such as lead, mercury and flame retardants, from leeching into the soil and drinking water. To spread awareness, they host a variety of town-wide recycling events throughout the region. These events allow residents to safely dispose of e-waste, such as old IT products, printers, laptops, servers and PCs, smart phones, tablets and PDAs, televisions and land-line phones. MetalWave boasts responsible recycling certifications being both ISO and OSHAS certified as well as BAN e-Steward and R2 certified. Few recyclers have achieved all of these top-level certifications proving that the company is committed to the highest standards of security and sustainability with a process that requires knowledge, understanding and sensitivity toward every item recycled.

Where: 29 Lafayette Road, North Hampton and 18 South Hunt Road, Amesbury, Mass.
Call: (855) 493.7329

What makes it green:
• Offers full recycling and Data Sanitation on all electronics.
• Keeps environmentally harmful electronic waste out of landfills.
• Prevents contaminants such as lead and mercury from leeching into drinking water.
• Follows strict guidelines to ensure the e-waste is properly disassembled, shredded and recycled.
• Provides customers with a transparent, domestic and cost-effective downstream for end-of-life recycling.
• Hosts town-wide recycling events throughout the Seacoast region.
• ISO, OSHAS, Ban e-Steward and R2 certified

All Green Alliance Businesses are green certified. Read MetalWave's full certification documents and learn more about their sustainability initiatives here