Blog : Holiday Deals at Prelude!

By Patrick Haigis | Dec 10, 2014 | in

Green Alliance members are used to getting 10% off beautiful, handcrafted jewelry at Prelude, but ask anyone and you’ll learn that the store has much more to offer. That is why Prelude is giving Green Alliance members 10% off all in store items until Dec. 31! It’s a great chance to get some savings on holiday shopping while supporting an environmentally and socially responsible local business.

Celebrating its 30th year this spring, this proud GA partner is a long-time supporter of sustainable ideas and practices such as purchasing goods locally, offering all-natural and organic products, buying fair-trade, and more.

Prelude’s wide variety of offerings creates a shopping experience that all members of the family can enjoy.

For growing families, Prelude carries a special line of Dr. Hauschka—an all-natural brand of skin care and cosmetics that Prelude owner Holly Landgarten swears by—that is made specifically for moms and babies.

As one of the area’s foremost vendors of Burt’s Bees, Prelude also offers a variety of “Mama Bee” and “Baby Bee” products. Burt’s Bees is another brand whose products are always 100% natural, ensuring that they are a top choice for babies and moms alike.

The “Baby Bee” line offers almost anything your baby might need, consisting of sunscreen, baby powder, wipes, tear-free shampoo and wash, and more. “Mama Bees” can also get specially made belly butter, leg crème, and foot crème to treat themselves.

Visually stunning scarves and headwear also help to color Landgarten’s shop. “Red MapleSportswear Co. makes outdoors clothing using alpaca from Peru,” she said. “They are based in Kittery Point as well. We carry their ski head bands.”

Prelude’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility make it one of the must visit shops of the holiday season, especially with these great deals! Swing on by when you get the chance!

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